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National Council of Chief Executive Officers - Charter


Refer to: OD/PRCS


Effective Date:  12/20/2005


  1. PURPOSE.  The purpose of the National Council of Chief Executive Officers (NCCEO) is to ensure that Indian Health Service (IHS) service unit chief executive officers (CEO) and their Tribal CEO counterparts effectively participate in the establishment and implementation of an Agency strategy to achieve the IHS mission.

    1. National Council of Chief Executive Officers.  The NCCEO is composed of designated IHS service unit CEOs and their Tribal counterparts.
    2. Executive Committee.  The NCCEO Executive Committee consists of the Chair, immediate past-Chair, Chair-elect (who shall serve as the vice-Chair), secretary, and one representative from each of the IHS Areas, who is designated by the Area Director.
    3. Succession.  The order of succession is as follows:
      1. The chair-elect shall succeed to the chair position in the forthcoming year.
      2. The secretary will succeed to the chair-elect position in the forthcoming year.
      3. The secretary is elected each year from among the members of the NCCEO, generally during the annual Combined Councils meeting.
      4. If a position(s) becomes vacant during the year, the NCCEO Executive Committee shall appoint another Executive Committee member into the vacant position to complete the unexpired term.

    1. To the Director's Executive Council.  The Chair (or alternate), NCCEO, will serve as a member of the Director's Executive Council (DEC).  In order to be a member of the DEC, the individual must be a Federal employee, who is employed in a directly operated Federal facility.  In the event, the Chair is not a Federal employee, an alternate, who is a Federal employee, must be selected to represent the NCCEO to the DEC.
    2. To other Chartered IHS National Councils.  The NCCEO will coordinate and communicate with the Council of Chief Medical Officers (CCMO) the Executive Committee of the National Council of Clinical Directors (NCCD), and the Executive Committee of the National Nurse Leadership Council (NNLC) on program issues, action items, or policies of mutual concern.

      The NCCEO may be asked to participate with other councils (such as the National Council of Executive Officers and National Business Office Consultants) and with workgroups established by the Director, IHS.  It is recommended that a representative from the NCCEO Executive Committee be selected to communicate with other established councils or workgroups on issues, action items, or policies of mutual concern.

    1. National Council of Chief Executive Officers.  The NCCEO is a permanent council of the IHS established by the Director, IHS to:
      1. ensure that the NCCEO members understand the IHS mission and the strategy for achieving that mission;
      2. participate in setting the Agency strategic action agenda;
      3. recommend policy proposals to the Director through the DEC in matters that directly affect the service units;
      4. support and advocate a system of ongoing recruitment, development, retention, and recognition of professional CEOs; and
      5. promote performance improvement and organizational development throughout the IHS through effective service unit management in support of health services delivery and the improved health of American Indian and Alaska Native people.
    2. Chair.  The Chair will:
      1. ensure the NCCEO has appropriate access to the Director;
      2. serve as a member of the DEC or select an alternate, as necessary;
      3. keep the NCCEO informed of DEC deliberations;
      4. preside over monthly conference calls;
      5. preside over any meetings held in person, by telephone, or through video conference;
      6. be responsible for assigning and the coordinating reports;
      7. position statements, and recommendations; and
      8. present reports at meetings of the DEC or other meetings as required.
    3. Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will:
      1. develop the agenda for general meetings of the NCCEO;
      2. act for the NCCEO between meetings of the general membership of the NCCEO;
      3. fulfill special charges of the NCCEO, DEC, or the Director, IHS;
      4. support and promote all of the President?s, Department?s, and IHS?s initiatives;
      5. designate the secretary of the Executive Committee or another member to keep an up-to-date list of all CEOs; and
      6. schedule regular and/or monthly communication among their constituencies and the Executive Committee.

    1. Annual Meeting.  The NCCEO Executive Committee will hold an annual general meeting and other meetings as necessary.
    2. Concurrent Meeting.  One NCCEO Executive Committee meeting each year will be concurrent with the CCMO and the Executive Committees of the NCCD and NNLC.

  6. SUPERSEDURE.  This circular supersedes IHS Circular No. 92-12, "Charter, National Council of Service Unit Directors of the IHS,? dated September 4, 1992.

  7. EFFECTIVE DATE.  This circular becomes effective on the date of signature.

/Charles W. Grim, D.D.S./
Charles W. Grim, D.D.S., M.H.S.A.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service

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