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Indian Health Service Quality Consortium - Charter.

Indian Health Service
Rockville, Maryland 20857

Refer to:  OD


Effective Date:  March 31, 2016


  1. PURPOSE.  The Indian Health Service (IHS) Quality Consortium will work to assure and improve the quality and safety of healthcare services throughout the Indian Health system.  The Consortium will focus on accreditation, quality and innovation.
    1. The Executive Sponsors are the IHS Chief Medical Officer, the IHS Deputy Director for Field Operations, and the IHS Deputy Director, Quality Health Care.
    2. The Executive Council voting members consist of the IHS Area Directors, IHS Area Chief Medical Officers, and Director of OCPS.
    3. The Executive Sponsors will serve as Selecting Officials for hiring of permanent staff to perform the support and logistics functions of this Council.  This role may be delegated to Executive Council voting members.
    4. Ad hoc subject matter experts may be invited to participate in a non-voting status by the Executive Council.
    5. The IHS Quality Consortium is composed of IHS Hospital based entities, free standing ambulatory IHS facilities, and IHS Youth Regional Treatment Centers (YRTCs).
    1. Chair.  The Executive Sponsors (IHS Chief Medical Officer, Deputy Director of Field Operations and the IHS Deputy Director, Quality Health Care) will select from within the Executive Council membership, a Chairperson of the Council and Consortium. The term for the Chairperson will be two years.  A succeeding Chairperson will be selected no less than 6 months prior to expiration of the incumbent's term.
      1. The Chairperson leads Executive Council meetings and directs the activity of the Consortium Director and Director's Staff toward executing the activities of the Council;
      2. The Chairperson leads efforts of the Executive Council to develop strategic aims for the Quality Consortium; and
      3. The Chairperson is responsible for adjudication of conflicts of interest arising during the conduct of Quality Consortium business.
    2. Director of the Quality Consortium.
      1. Manages the logistic and support functions of the Executive Council Chair;
      2. coordinates and manages the staff work of the Quality Consortium; and
      3. serves as liaison to the OCPS, IHS CMO, DDQHC, and DDFO and ultimately the Director, IHS on behalf of the Chair when called upon by the Chair to do so.
    1. Identify systemic best practices and shortcomings from a summary of credentialing body survey findings, and develop strategies for system-wide improvement.
    2. The Executive Council in concert with the Executive Sponsor will:
      1. Develop the Strategic Plan for the Quality Consortium to improve quality and patient safety among IHS facilities;
      2. Oversee implementation of the Strategic Plan by the general membership of the Quality Consortium through prioritization and tasking of objectives to achieve desired outcomes;
      3. Provide ongoing advice and status updates on improvement activities designed to ensure that IHS facilities function as a system of care;
      4. Provide training, mentoring and coaching to IHS facility governing boards, on how to effectively perform their responsibilities;
      5. Promote effective training programs focused on relevant competencies and improving adherence to quality performance standards;
      6. Provide consultative services to IHS Area Directors, Area and facility staff, to empower them to conduct ongoing review of their quality and performance, identify best practices and weaknesses, institute corrective actions, and evaluate compliance;
      7. Review and recommend standardized quality processes and procedures across the IHS healthcare system; and
      8. Identify or develop facility quality measures, performance criteria, and strategies to support facilities in achieving standards.
    3. The Quality Consortium will:
      1. Implement quality improvement and clinical safety activities based on the prioritized objectives of the Executive Council; and
      2. Provide operational inputs and feedback to the Executive Council for consideration in prioritizing objectives and modernization advocacy.
    4. The Staff will coordinate meetings, training, reports, and activities to support quality assurance and improvement by IHS facilities.
    1. The Executive Council will and discuss activities and plans with IHS Senior Staff and Executive Sponsors no less than quarterly.
    2. Present an annual outline and assessment of its plans and activities to the IHS Quality Consortium membership.
    1. Time and Place.  The Quality Consortium Executive Council shall determine the date(s) and location(s) of Council meetings.
    2. Frequency.  The Quality Consortium shall meet no less than quarterly.
  7. EFFECTIVE DATE.  This circular becomes effective on date of signature.

  8. /Mary Smith/
    Mary Smith
    Principal Deputy Director
    Indian Health Service

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