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Administrative Delegation #2

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Date:  DEC 22 1993

From: Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations

Subject: Increase in Procurement Authority for the Acquisition of Federal Information Processing (FIP) Resources

To: PHS Agency Heads

The Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget/Department Health and Human Services (DHHS) recently increased the procurement authority for the acquisition of FIP resources for the DHHS Operating Divisions.  Pursuant to the administrative authorities delegated to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Management Operations by the Assistant Secretary Health on May 23, 1991, I hereby delegate an increase in for procurement authority to PHS Agency Heads as follows:

PIP Resource Delegated Authority
Hardware $2.5 million competitive ($250,000 non competitive) based on total contract cost
Software Services $2.5 million competitive including interagency agreements ($250,000 non competitive) based on total contract cost
Support Services $2.5 million competitive, including interagency agreements, ($250,000 non competitive) based on annual contract cost

For FIP resources acquisitions that exceed the delegated authority identified above, agency officials will continue to seek specific acquisition delegations in accordance with existing General Services Administration (GSA), DHHS and Public Health Service (PHS) Information Resources Management (IRM) policies.  Also, GSA approval is still required when organizations seek authority to contract for PIP Services or PIP Support Services and the total contract cost exceeds $2.5 million for competitive procurements ($250,000 for non competitive), even if the Annual Contract Cost is not exceeded.

Along with this increased authority comes the responsibility to comply with the applicable GSA policies, presented in the Federal Information Resources Management Regulation, DHHS policies, presented in the DHHS IRM Manual and supplemented by the DHHS IRM Circular series, and PHS IRM policies, presented in the PHS IRM Manual, Compliance with all of these policies will be monitored through triennial reviews of the IRM programs of the PHS agencies.

Previous regulatory delegations of procurement authority for the acquisition of PIP resources, issued by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) in PHS IRM Manual Chapter 4-10 Approval Process for Federal Information Processing (FIP) Resources Within PHS Agencies, and referenced in PHS Chapter 4-30 Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) for the procurement of FIP Resources and PHS Chapter 4-35 Oash Agency Procurement of FIP Resources and PHS Chapter 4-35 OASH Agency Procurement Request (APR) Approval Thresholds for FIP Resources are obsolete as of the date of this memorandum, Exhibit 4-10-A, PHS IRM Manual Chapter 4-10, will be updated in the near future to reflect the procurement authority described above, and possibly other increases which I believe may be forthcoming from GSA.

You may re-delegate all or part of this authority.

If your staff has any questions please have them contact Laura Rodin, Director, Division of ADP and Telecommunications Management, OASH, on (301) 443-4610.

/Tony Itteilag/
Anthony L. Itteilag

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