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Improvement Support Teams

The need to enhance capacity in the Areas and Tribal programs to support the Improving Patient Care program promoted a series of conversations in each Area leading to the design of the Improvement Support Team (IST) and IST Learning Community. This design recognizes that Area and Tribal staff currently function to support improvement in the Indian Health System. The IST Learning Community provides Area and Tribal staff with additional skills and tools they can use in this critical role. All 12 Areas, the Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma) and the Phoenix Indian Medical Center organized Improvement Support Teams.

Below is the list of IST members. Use the form below to filter the list of IST members for a single IHS Service Area.


Name Area Role Title E-mail
Janelle Trottier* Aberdeen Key Contact
Jon Schuchardt Aberdeen
Vickie Claymore-lahammer Aberdeen Leadership Sponsor
Carolyn Crowder Alaska Leadership Sponsor
Charles Fagerstrom Alaska Key Contact
Erika Wolter Alaska
Johanna Darrough Alaska
Karol Dixon* Alaska
Kenneth Glifort Alaska Leadership Sponsor
Paneen Peterson Alaska
Tara Carr* Alaska
Chris Fore Albuquerque Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Dave Ward Albuquerque
Dorlynn Simmons Albuquerque
Karen Romancito Albuquerque
Kurt Riley** Albuquerque
Leslie White Albuquerque
Lori Moore Albuquerque
Theresa Clay Albuquerque
Anne Trinh Bemidji
Dawn Wyllie Bemidji Leadership Sponsor
Jason Douglas Bemidji
Jenny Jenkins Bemidji Leadership Sponsor
Steve Rith-Najarian* Bemidji Key Contact
Teresa Chasteen Bemidji
April Flores Billings
Carol Strasheim* Billings
Charlene Johnson* MPH, RD, CDE Billings
Dawn Halver Billings
Douglas Moore Billings Leadership Sponsor
Erik Chosa Billings
Leanne Johnson Billings
Margene Tower Billings
Susan Fredericks Billings Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Tony Fisher Billings
Travis Fisher Billings
Beverly Calderon California
David Sprenger* California Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Glenna Starritt California
Helen Maldonado* California
Monica Giotta California Mgiotta@COX.NET
Susan Ducore California
Wendy Blocker California
Doug Nolan Cherokee Nation
Gloria Grimm Cherokee Nation Leadership Sponsor
Kathy Coons Cherokee Nation
Lisa Lyon Cherokee Nation
Rhonda Stanley Cherokee Nation
Tara J. Ritter Cherokee Nation
Teresa Chaudoin* Cherokee Nation Key Contact
Cathy Stueckemann HQE
Cheryl Peterson HQE
Dione Harjo HQE
Harry Brown* Nashville Leadership Sponsor
Kristina Rogers* Nashville
Michelle Ruslavage Nashville
Neil Dial Nashville
Palmeda Taylor Nashville
Tim Ricks Nashville Key Contact
Anne Newland* Navajo
David Downing Navajo
Doug Peter Navajo Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Jeanette Yazzie Navajo
Karen Bachman-Carter Navajo
Kevin Rand Navajo
Marie Nelson Navajo
Merriam Abeita Navajo
Michael Belgrade Navajo
Michael Cadieux Navajo
Becky Loving Oklahoma City
John Farris Oklahoma City Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Julie Erb-Alvarez Oklahoma City
Travis Scott* Oklahoma City
Travis Watts Oklahoma City
Audrey Lynch PIMC
Heather Huentelman PIMC Heather.Huentelman
Marie Russell PIMC Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Suzanne Lipke* PIMC
Carol Dahozy** Phoenix
Linda Westover Phoenix
Margaret Brady* Phoenix
Roy Teramoto Phoenix Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Sandra Pattea Phoenix
Shannon Beyale Phoenix
Clark Marquart Portland Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Donnie Lee Portland
Mary Brickell Portland
Roselyn Tso Portland
Stephanie Craig-Rushing Portland
Tom Weiser* Portland
Diana De Leon* Tucson
John Kittredge Tucson Leadership Sponsor, Key Contact
Marc Fleetwood Tucson
Pat Nye Tucson
Phyllis Spears Tucson
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