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National Site Tracker

The National Site Tracker (BNP) is an automated tool that compares a list of RPMS applications installed at a facility with the official certified RPMS list. This tool also identifies which versions/patches are needed.

Any IHS, tribal, or urban site may use the BNP National Site Tracker software. To install the tool, follow these two steps:

  1. Download the BNP software from the BNP server (the RPMS component that contains the install notes and KIDS files).
  2. To access site information, the Meaningful Use (MU) package-reporting client will be needed. It is available for Windows 2000/XP/7 or Mac. After installing the client, run it on your computer. Different reports can be run by site, by application and for MU requirements.

For a site to show up on this system, the BNP package must be installed on the RPMS system. The download contains instructions and notes for site managers regarding how to install the software on RPMS.

A site may not appear in the National Site Tracker after installing the BNP software. BNP uses an http web service protocol and so requires a network connection to the OIT BNP server. Please note that this is not a web site. The RPMS server at the site needs to have an open connection on TCP/IP port 80 outbound to and at the firewall level. If the port does not open/is not permitted when the site installs the BNP package, the site will need to re-run ^BNPENV from the programmer prompt. This will force an automatic update from the site immediately.

For sites that have successfully installed the BNP software on their RPMS system, the "Last Report Date" should appear when the MU Site Tracking Software is opened on the workstation. If the date is older than 24 hours, the site has not been set up properly. To solve the problem of sites not reporting on a regular basis, the site manager must queue the BNP package to run EVERY 24 HOURS. Site managers needing assistance can run the BNPOST from the programmer prompt, and it will run automatically for them. Next, the entry must be approved in the task manager.