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CMS Registration and Attestation

To participate in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, EPs and EHs must register with CMS. Part of the process involves choosing in which program(s) they wish to participate.

Note that IHS cannot register on behalf of EHs and EPs; each EH or EP must register independently.


EPs must decide whether to register under the Medicare or Medicaid Incentive program. EPs who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid programs may only participate in one program. Although incentives are higher with Medicaid, providers must meet specific patient volume requirements to be eligible for EHR incentive payments.

EPs can switch programs as often as they desire–until they receive their first payment. After receiving their first payment, they may only switch once between programs prior to 2015.


Because all IHS hospitals are dual-eligible, they should register for both the Medicare and Medicaid Incentive programs, provided that they have at least 10 percent Medicaid volume. Otherwise, they should choose Medicare only. It is important to select "Both Medicare and Medicaid" during registration in order to maintain this option.

Hospitals that register for only one program will not be able to change their registration manually from one program to the other after a payment is initiated. This can cause significant delays in receiving a Medicare EHR incentive payment.

Prior to Registering with CMS

To expedite the registration process, gather the following information in advance.

Registering for the Incentive Programs

Register for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program at CMS's EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation System website Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving . Registration does not mean that an EP/EH must participate in the EHR Incentive Program and may be cancelled at any time.

Medicaid providers must also go to their State Level Repository (SLR) to register and attest (confirm) to meeting the AIU or MU requirements for payment by their states.