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CQM Reporting 2014-2017

CQM Module (BPRM v3 p2)

The CQM module of the BPRM Practice Management Application Suite is the CQM calculation and reporting tool for MU 2014 and beyond. The CQM module automatically extracts from the RPMS Electronic Health Record (EHR) individual patient data that is necessary for calculating the performance measures for selected CQMs. The extracted patient data resides within the eCQM engine and is used in the calculation of performance rates. The performance rates can be viewed in a summary and/or detailed report run by the CQM module.

The CQM module is composed of four parts: Data Extractor Service, Measure Computation Engine, Measure Database, and Reporting User Interface.

  • Data Extractor Service: Extracts individual patient data from the RPMS EHR on the time schedule selected by the User
  • Measure Computation Engine: Computes the performance rates based on the logic requirements determined by CMS.
  • Measure Database: This is where the extracted patient data is imported to.
  • Reporting User Interface: Detailed or summary reports are run and exported through this interface. QRDA reports can also be downloaded here.

Note: The CQM module utilizes historical data that is collected as it occurs. As a result, the initial reports and data exports will contain little, if any, usable information. Depending on the activity level at your facility, it may take several days for the necessary data to be gathered.

Additional Training and Resources:

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