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New Patch Available for 2013 Performance Measure Reports

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to download the latest MU Performance Reports patch, APCM v1.0 p2, for Stage 1, 2013. The patch has been available since late March and contains the following items:

  • M13P 2013 Stage 1 MU Performance Report (EPs)
  • PL13 2013 Stage 1 MU Patient Lists (EPs)
  • M13H 2013 Stage 1 MU Performance Report (EHs)
  • HL13 2013 Stage 1 MU Patient List (EHs)

The reports incorporate the following changes for demonstrating meaningful use in Stage 1, 2013:

  • CPOE—Measure change from number of unique patients to number of medication orders.
  • E-Prescribing—New exclusion added to allow for no pharmacies within a 10-mile radius that accept electronic prescriptions.
  • Electronic Exchange of Key Clinical Information Objective—Removed.
  • Clinical Quality Measures Objective—Removed.

Other changes address various issues that had been identified in the Stage 1, 2011 reports:

  • Immunization Registries—if an EP answers “No Registry Available” to the attestation question, “Yes” displays on the summary sheet in the exclusion column.
  • Patients with no chart numbers are now excluded from the Patient Reminders denominator.
  • Demo patients are now screened out of the e-Rx measure.
  • A “0” will display in the delimited report numerator and denominator columns if the EP meets an exclusion (previously the field was left blank).