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Evaluation Toolkit

The MSPI Evaluation toolkit uses Adobe Flash software and is not compatible with most mobile devices. To access this training, please visit the full version of this site on a desktop or laptop computer.

Evaluation toolkit screen
The MSPI Evaluation toolkit combines onscreen lessons, interactive exercises and tools to help you carry out your evaluation efficiently using local resources. The toolkit is flexible enough to be used with all types of programs.

Worksheets, checklists, and other helpful documents that are part of the toolkit may also be found on the Evaluation Toolkit templates page.

  • Stage 1, Part 1: What Evaluation Can Do for your Program
  • Stage 1, Part 2: The Three Stages of Evaluation
  • Stage 2: Putting Evaluation into Practice
  • Stage 3: Describing the Program
  • Stage 4: Focusing Evaluation Design and Gathering Credible Evidence
  • Stage 5: Justifying Conclusions and Using and Sharing Lessons Learned

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