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IHS Director's Award


This award recognizes service significantly advancing the IHS mission and goals through work focused on IHS priorities; People, Partnerships, Quality, and Resources, with particular emphasis on quality improvement activities.


All IHS employees or teams of employees, including Tribal employees and contractors. Teams may consist of employees from the same organization or from a number of different organizations.


  • Exceptional initiative and leadership in carrying out projects to improve the quality of care and the service delivery processes to improve patient experience
  • Innovative efforts to solve problems/address issues
  • Unusual acts of competence, compassion, or heroism
  • Outstanding contributions to a committee or task force addressing IHS-wide policies, procedures, or operations
  • Outstanding efforts in applying technical or clerical support skills to accomplish the IHS mission
  • Displays of management ability, proficiency, and customer service performed in such a manner that the employee and/or team performed significantly above those with similar duties, and that the results of these efforts were distinctly beneficial to the Agency
  • In all cases, performance should clearly exceed expectations