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IHS Joint Venture Construction Program Update

The Indian Health Service (IHS) has completed the final phase of the IHS Joint Venture Construction Program (JVCP) solicitation initiated on August 1, 2014. The IHS JVCP is a partnership in which a Tribe pays for the construction of a health facility and IHS agrees to request additional staffing for the facility from Congress once the facility is completed. Timing and availability of appropriations are key considerations for this program and determine the number of applicants that can be approved to move forward. This round of applications was highly competitive. From the initial 37 pre-applicants, 13 were selected to submit a more comprehensive final application for further review and ranking by a panel comprised of tribal and federal personnel.

IHS has selected the top seven applicants to move forward, and the remaining six applicants will be considered as alternates to the top seven in the event that circumstances change and impact the final execution of a JVCP agreement. IHS will notify each applicant individually of their final ranking. Then at certain intervals, the top seven will receive a specific notice to proceed with preparation and submission of planning documents to the IHS in order to enter into a JVCP agreement with the agency. The number of agreements to be executed each year will depend upon construction schedules and the projected budget environment. In recent years, two to three applicants each year have been notified to proceed. As JVCP agreements are signed, we will work with the applicant on a formal public announcement.

Thank you to all of the Tribes and tribal organizations that submitted applications in the interest of partnering with the IHS in improving access to health care for American Indian and Alaska Native people. The IHS anticipates another JVCP solicitation will occur in 3-5 years.