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November 2015

Welcome to the November edition of the IHS Recruiter Insider eNewsletter series. Each month, you’ll find useful updates and information about IHS recruitment and retention activities, keeping you in the know while allowing you to play an active role in IHS’ recruitment efforts.

IHS Headquarters Is Moving

IHS HQ is moving to its new location at 5600 Fishers Lane in Rockville, MD, on December 7, 2015. All phone/email information will remain the same but keep in mind that it may be difficult to contact staff during the week before the move. We’ve linked a helpful map for you to familiarize yourself with the new location and pertinent logistical information, such as transportation, parking and visitor access. Remember to address all correspondence to the specified mail stop to ensure delivery to the correct IHS program or office. For example, direct all DHPS correspondence to:


Indian Health Service
5600 Fishers Lane
Mail Stop: OHR (11E53A)
Rockville, MD 20857

Application Cycles Opening Soon
IHS Scholarship Program

The IHS Scholarship Program application cycle for new applicants will open in mid-December and close March 28, 2016. The deadline for application extensions is February 28, 2016. Encourage your new scholarship students to Scholarship Program page to apply and refer to the IHS Scholarship Program Application Handbook for eligibility, required documentation and important program policy information. Extension scholarship applicants should refer to the IHS Scholarship Program Student Handbook for application instructions.

IHS Extern Program

The application cycle for the IHS Extern Program runs from December 1, 2015 – January 15, 2016. All extern applicants, including USPHS Commissioned Corps JRCOSTEP applicants, must apply through USAJOBS. Please remind students when on USAJOBS to search for jobs under “student extern” or use the job series and grade “GS-0699.” Scholarship recipients receive priority consideration for the Extern Program. Please work with your Area Scholarship Coordinator to develop your annual extern budget due to IHS Extern Program Coordinator Vickye Santiago by March 18, 2016.

NHSC LRP Cycle and Your Site’s HPSA Score

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program (LRP) plays a key role in IHS’ recruitment strategies to fill health profession vacancies. This year’s NHSC LRP application cycle is expected to open in January 2016 and will close on March 30, 2016. Please make sure your HPSA site score is current before this application cycle begins.

Health Profession Shortage Area (HPSA) scores range from 1 to 25 for medicine and mental/behavioral health and 1 to 26 for dentistry: the higher the HPSA score, the greater the need for the health care professional.

An HPSA score of at least 14 at a qualified site is required for clinicians to be eligible to receive an initial LRP award of up to $50,000 for two years of full-time service or up to $25,000 for two years of half-time service. Continued service provides the opportunity to pay off all qualified health profession student loans.

In October 2015, there were 410 NHSC LRP recipients working at Indian health facilities, which included 74 physicians, 57 nurse practitioners, 48 physician assistants, 95 dentists, 17 nurse midwives and more than 100 behavioral health providers. Click here if you would like a copy of the NHSC Job Center Fact Sheet, which describes how to update your NHSC Jobs Center profile.

Getting Your Fair Share

This month, we’re launching a new section featuring three publications that not only promote IHS Jobs but also generate the distribution of targeted emails, which allows us to attract a variety of job seekers by health profession discipline. To date, this exposure has attracted 340 job seekers who have elected to become members of the IHS talent network since conception of the contract with AfterCollege.com. Our key media partners in October were:

DHPS Fulfillment Center

Be sure to visit the DHPS Fulfillment Center to order IHS program materials at no cost. The Fulfillment Center is a recruiter’s resource for informative, up-to-date LRP, Scholarship, Recruitment and Retention materials available to order in print. Some materials are available electronically on the Retention website as well. To access a list of materials and to order, click here. Contact the administrator for a username and password if you do not have one already.

IHS Scholarship Program Information Packet

The Scholarship Program Information Packet is a valuable resource for students who are considering applying for one of IHS’ three scholarships (Preparatory, Pre-Graduate or Health Professions) or the IHS Extern Program. The handy pocket folder also contains detailed information on how to apply and lists the requirements necessary to fulfill a service commitment.


Scholarship Program

Mark Your Calendars
IHS 2016 Proposed National Recruiting Events
February 5 – 7

Pri-Med South (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and PAs), Fort Lauderdale, FL

March 4 – 7

American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, Baltimore

July 28 – 30

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), Kansas City, MO

October 15 – 18

American College of Emergency Medicine, Las Vegas

Get Involved
Monthly Recruiter Calls

If you oversee or participate in recruitment responsibilities, you’re invited to learn about current Scholarship, LRP and national media campaign news by attending the Monthly Recruiter Calls. These calls are a great way to stay current on IHS recruitment and retention initiatives and exchange information among fellow recruiters at all levels. Click here for a copy of the October minutes.

November Recruiter Call
Call Date: November 24, 2015
Call Time: 3 – 4 p.m. (EST)

  • Scholarship Program application cycle dates and the role of Area Scholarship Coordinators in recruitment.
  • LRP news and updates.
  • NHSC updates and HPSA scores.
  • The national media campaign.
  • Wisdom sharing on hiring practices and recruitment challenges.

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