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December 2015

Welcome to the December and final edition of the IHS Recruiter Insider eNewsletter series for 2015. Each month, you’ll find useful updates and information about IHS recruitment and retention activities, keeping you in the know while allowing you to play an active role in IHS’ recruitment efforts.

Media Dollars at Work for You

Each month, our media purchases secure high-impact placement and visibility in digital and select niche print publications. Through prime banner ad placement on websites; job postings; email blasts to target audiences; eNewsletter sponsorship; and advertorial content, DHPS promotes health profession recruitment and retention, as well as its scholarship, loan repayment and extern programs.

Our 2015 media tactics yielded impressive results. For example, from January to October, DHPS had media contracts with 17 Web publications (see partial list below). During that time, there were 2,928 Health Profession vacancies posted on www.ihs.gov/jobs. DHPS promoted those vacancies through job postings and repostings 55,115 times. For each job posting, on average, there were five views (or clicks) from targeted job seekers. In all, IHS received an impressive 32,246 applications from interested health professionals.

Here’s a breakdown of the publications promoting IHS jobs, the number of job postings and the number of views during the first 10 months of 2015.




3RNet National Rural, Recruitment
and Retention Network









College Recruiter



Health eCareers



Health Jobs Nationwide



The JAMA Network









Rx Career Center



(Military) Transition Assistance Online



Federal Practitioner






National Council for
Behavioral Health



NOTE: DHPS considers many variables when selecting our media partners. We make adjustments every year based on results and trends; therefore, some of our media partners are not reflected here.

3RNet News

3RNet, the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network, has matched health professionals with clinical positions in rural and medically underserved area facilities for more than 20 years. 3RNet works to improve access to quality health care through recruitment, development of community-based recruitment and retention activities and its advocacy of rural and underserved health care workforce issues. As a member of 3RNet, DHPS is able to authorize Indian health recruiters to access 3RNet’s extensive collection of recruitment materials, including:

  • Recruiting for Retention — eBook (updated version) Recruiting for Retention is a step-by-step guide of the recruitment process. From assessing need to integrating the provider and family into the community, Recruiting for Retention explains the most important steps in finding and retaining the ideal candidate for your community. The guide also identifies state, regional and federal resources that can help you in your recruitment and retention efforts, as well as help improve health care delivery within your community.

If you would like to learn more about 3RNet, visit www.3RNet.org. To access Recruiting for Retention or to find other eBooks in 3RNet’s recruitment and retention series, click here to set up a user account and password. Please note: These resources are available only to IHS and Urban Indian Program facilities and Tribes who retrocede 100 percent of their recruitment shares.

DHPS Fulfillment Center

Be sure to visit the DHPS Fulfillment Center to order IHS program materials at no cost. The Fulfillment Center is a recruiter’s resource for informative, up-to-date LRP, Scholarship, Recruitment and Retention materials available to order in print. Some materials are available electronically on the Retention website as well. To access a list of materials and to order, click here. Contact the administrator for a username and password if you do not have one already.

The Benefits of Financial Freedom —
Loan Repayment Program (LRP)
Information Packet

The LRP Information Packet provides comprehensive details about LRP eligibility, how to apply, program policy and service commitment information and required documentation to maintain eligibility.


Scholarship Program

Mark Your Calendars
IHS 2016 Proposed National Recruiting Events
February 5 – 7

Pri-Med South (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and PAs), Fort Lauderdale, FL

March 4 – 7

American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, Baltimore

July 28 – 30

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), Kansas City, MO

October 15 – 18

American College of Emergency Medicine, Las Vegas

Join us for the first in our series of four DHPS Cooperative Advertising Program webinars on Friday, January 22 from 1:00 � 2:30 p.m. (EST). Learn about DHPS’ extensive collection of recruitment and retention marketing materials, the success of our 2015 national media campaign and tactics planned to build on those strategies in 2016. You can participate via your computer, tablet or smartphone or dial in: United States : +1 (872) 240-3311 Access Code: 891-105-917

Get Involved
Monthly Recruiter Calls

If you oversee or participate in health profession recruitment responsibilities, you’re invited to learn about current Scholarship, LRP and national media campaign news by attending the Monthly Recruiter Calls. These calls are a great way to stay current on IHS recruitment and retention initiatives and exchange information among fellow recruiters at all levels. Click here for a copy of the November minutes.

December Recruiter Call
Call Date: December 22, 2015
Call Time: 3 – 4 p.m. (EST)

  • IHS Extern Program and blog
  • LRP news and updates
  • NHSC updates and other partnerships
  • Media Summary January – October 2015
  • 2016 Virtual Career Fair
  • Wisdom sharing on hiring practices and recruitment challenges

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The policy of the IHS is to provide absolute preference to qualified Indian applicants and employees who are suitable for federal employment in filling vacancies within the IHS. IHS is an equal opportunity employer.

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