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Recruitment Tools

The IHS Office of Human Resources’ (OHR) recruitment goal is to attract the best health care professionals available. The guidelines and tools provided here are a collection of knowledge-based, proven tactics and strategies recognized as Best Practices in the field on the national, Area and local levels

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Recruitment Event Kit cover thumbnail photo Great Plains Area Brochure.
This large-format full-color brochure highlights IHS facilities and health profession career opportunities and benefits in the IHS Great Plains Area (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa). It includes lots of photos and provides a detailed view of the geographic beauty as well as the cultural, lifestyle, and recreational opportunities of the Area. New!

Recruitment Event Kit cover thumbnail photo Indian Health Career Recruitment Brochure.
This full-color “slim-jim” style brochure is a handy reference to IHS and its mission, professional health career opportunities by discipline with specialties, our federal civil service, USPHS Commissioned Corps and Tribal hiring options and benefits. It also outlines details and eligibility for the IHS Loan Repayment, Scholarship and Extern programs.

Recruitment Event Kit cover thumbnail photo Cultural Z-card.
One side of this full-color folding “Z-card” style guide offers a broad overview of key aspects of Tribal culture; on the other side is a list of all Indian health facilities within each of the 12 geographic IHS Areas.

Recruitment Event Kit cover thumbnail photo Recruitment Event Kit
This handy Recruitment Event Pocket Folder is designed to hold all of the materials IHS recruiters need at conferences and job fairs. Included within the pocket folder is a two-page Pre- and Post-Event Checklist and an Indian Health Hiring Event Quick Reference Sheet with key talking points, a list of online links, IHS programs and career paths, eligibility requirements and keywords for IHS job searches.

Recruitment Veterans QRG cover thumbnail photo Veterans Slipsheet
This full-color, 12-page Quick Reference Guide (QRG) describes careers in Indian health for military veterans transitioning to civilian life. It includes information on eligibility, career paths, locations and how to apply, as well as background on the IHS Veterans Hiring Initiative. New!

Facility Guide Slipsheet cover thumbnail photo Facility Guide Slipsheet
The four-page, full-color Facility Guide includes a map of the 12 IHS Areas and facility locations, plus a complete list of facilities in each Area. Names and contact information of National and Area recruiters are included.

Military Transition for Veterans Slipsheet cover thumbnail photo Military Transition for Veterans Brochure
The two-page Military Transition for Veterans information sheet details military transition careers for health and non-health professionals, describes the Veterans Hiring Initiative and Veteran Hiring Preference and offers a list of career paths and benefits.

Nurse slim-jim-style Brochure Indian Health Nursing Careers Brochure
Learn about scholarship and loan repayment opportunities for Indian health nurses within IHS, NHSC and HRSA, as well as the American Indians into Nursing Grant Program. This handy four-color Slim Jim-style brochure will guide you through each career opportunity — from scholarships to externships, grant programs and post-graduate clinical training to eligibility for health profession education loan repayment support.

Materials Inventory Quick Reference Guide (QRG) document cover page Materials Inventory Quick Reference Guide (QRG) [PDF - 45KB]
To ensure that you’re familiar with and have access to the best recruitment and retention tools available, we’ve developed the IHS Materials Inventory Quick Reference Guide (QRG). A handy reference of all guide of all printed materials and their intended audience, the QRG offers detailed descriptions and thumbnail images of each document for all of your ordering needs.

Co-op Materials QRG IHS Co-op Materials Quick Reference Guide (QRG) [PDF - 393KB]
A companion to the Materials Inventory QRG, the Co-op Materials QRG provides detailed information and thumbnail images of all print and digital advertising materials available to order through the OHR Online Fulfillment System. The QRG also describes how to order customized materials to support your local advertising efforts.

Recruit Toolkit document cover page Recruitment Toolkit [PDF - 1.1MB]
A collection of recruitment strategies to ensure your organization attracts the most promising candidates, this series features recruitment tips and tactics focused on five specific issues: Educational resources; policy/legislative programs and opportunities; financial considerations; working and living in Indian communities; and making the best use of marketing tools.

Successful Transitions Brochure document cover page

Planning Your Successful Transition Brochure — (Urban-to-Rural Transition) [PDF - 4.5MB]
This brochure for prospective health professionals explains how to identify if a career working within an Indian health facility and community is the right fit for you and your family. The brochure offers tips to consider when contemplating making an urban-to-rural transition.

Successful Transitions Workbook document cover page

Planning Your Successful Transition Workbook — (Urban-to-Rural Transition) [PDF - 3.7MB]
This accompanying workbook provides prospective health professionals visiting Indian health facilities and communities with a means to document pertinent details about their visit (Area, community, local Tribes and their customs, housing, cost of living, education and employment opportunities for spouses).

Event Follow-Up Email Template [DOC - 54KB]
Use this template to personalize your follow-up email and communicate with prospective job candidates who have attended Indian health career fairs or other health profession recruitment events.

Check out the OHR Online Fulfillment System Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  a variety of printed materials to support your recruitment and retention efforts! Resources are available only to IHS and Urban Indian Program facilities and Tribes who buy back 100 percent of their recruitment shares.