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Youth Grants Funded Projects 2009-2014

The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations

The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations MSPI project works with three local tribes (Nez Perce, Spokane, and Coeur D'Alene) to bring prevention programming to the communities and obtains youth drug use statistics for the tribe by using a drug screen. The project, the Community Empowerment Opportunity (CEO), combines positive activities with substance abuse and suicide prevention and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills trainings for the youth participants.

Hualapai Tribal Nation

The Hualapai MSPI project provides follow-up care and prevention and treatment services for youth ages 10 to 25 years old returning to the community from an out-of-home placement or after a critical incident (for example, a suicide attempt, a domestic violence incident, or an arrest). Coordination with the local court diversion program has helped create wraparound aftercare services for youth. Team meetings with the MSPI project counselors and treatment facilities have allowed for continuity of care upon the individual's return to the community.