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SASP SAPTA Federal Funding Opportunity

Funding Announcement for IHS Federal Facilities

The Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Aftercare (SAPTA) program award opportunity is available for federal sites. If you are an IHS Facility (IHS Service Unit, IHS clinic or hospital) you can apply for the federal program funding opportunity.

Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Aftercare (SAPTA)

Expected Number of Awards: 8 to 10 per year
Award Ceiling: $250,000
Award Floor: $ 200,000
Project Period: 5 years
Due Date: Friday, December 23, 2022 at close of business

Project Description

The primary purpose of these program awards is to reduce the prevalence of suicide and substance abuse by decreasing the overall use of addicting and illicit substances among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations. Federal programs can accomplish these goals by:

  1. Improving care coordination through development of teams within the federal service unit to partner with community organizations and agencies including but not limited to Tribal health departments, Urban Indian Organizations, county and state health departments, as well as crisis service call centers.
  2. Expand behavioral health care services through the use of evidence-based treatments and practice-based models that include culturally appropriate knowledge, practices and customs.
  3. Develop or expand activities focused on the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) Initiative by implementing early intervention strategies for AI/AN youth at risk for suicide and substance abuse behavior.

Required Activities

The focus of this federal program award is on the prevention, treatment, and aftercare of substance abuse among AI/AN populations. The IHS is seeking IHS sites that will initiate the following activities.

  1. Initiate team development to improve care coordination between the federal service unit and community on substance use prevention, treatment, and aftercare through education, training, and training specific supervision and oversight to ensure fidelity of federal staff and Tribal program staff in the following evidence-based treatments for substance use:
    1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
    2. Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
    3. Motivational Interviewing Training Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
    4. Life Skills Training Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
    5. Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and youth 10 to 14 Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
  2. Establish local health system policies and protocols to integrate coordination of care to provide access to services and improve referral process between federal service unit and the community to increase service capacity.
  3. Promote and support the development of AI/AN youth educational programs focusing on the prevention of substance misuse.
  4. Develop a formal plan or process to ensure sustainability of the training beyond the federal award cycle.

Eligibility to Apply

  • Must be a federal facility within the Indian Health Service, providing inpatient medical services in addition to mental health and behavioral health services.
  • Must have current staffing capacity without additional hire to fulfill outlined requirement
  • .

By funding the federal sites, DBH aims to build the substance use prevention, treatment, and aftercare capacity of behavioral health services related to inpatient medical services specific to substance use.

IHS requires the following data points, among others to be announced, to be collected by their SAPTA federal awardees:

  • Number of staff and community providers trained.
  • Number of community sites available to partner.
  • Number of memorandums of understandings or formal letters of partnerships with community sites.
  • Percentage of staff and community providers who completed training.
  • Submission of policy outlining plans for sustainability.
  • Submission of plans focused on early intervention strategies for AI/AN youth at risk for substance abuse behavior.

How to apply

This SAPTA Federal Program Award Opportunity was announced by Memo [PDF - 150 KB]

For consideration, interested federal facilities must submit:

  1. Letter of Interest
  2. SAPTA Site Capacity Assessment Form [PDF - 112 KB]

Submit package by e-mail to JB Kinlacheeny, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Branch National Lead, by close of business, December 23, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Kinlacheeny at the email above or by phone at (240) 461-7327.

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