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January 2015
Your Health Career Starts Here

As an Indian Health Service (IHS) scholarship recipient, you are eligible to apply to extend your scholarship support. Your IHS scholarship can help you reach your career goals, while also helping IHS to meet its mission. We hope you will continue to be a part of our program as you move closer toward obtaining your health profession degree and, ultimately, joining IHS in providing much-needed health care services to an appreciative patient population.

Graduating Students

All spring and summer 2015 graduates should be in the process of finalizing your post-graduate clinical training or service commitment plans. Contact your Program Analyst for assistance with your job search or approval of your training program or full-time clinical position.

Application Packets

Current scholarship recipients must apply annually for an extension of their scholarship. Whether you’re continuing in your current degree program or changing your status
as a current recipient, you must submit the required application
and supporting documentation or notify the branch office of your intentions to request a leave of absence or decline additional scholarship support.


Scholarship extension applications also require additional documentation in support of your application. These items are listed on the Application Checklist that is created after you submit your online application. You can also find a list of required documents in your Student Handbook or on the IHS Scholarship Program website.

Please note: Application packets must be mailed to the IHS Scholarship Program office postmarked prior to the February 28, 2015 deadline. Send to:

Indian Health Service
Scholarship Program
Attn: Program Analyst
801 Thompson Ave., TMP Suite 450A
Rockville, MD 20852

Apply Now
IHS Extern Program

The IHS Extern Program can offer you an opportunity to gain hands-on practical experience working alongside health care professionals in clinical settings. Our program employs participants for 30 to 120 days per calendar year during nonacademic periods only (summer and winter externships). All health profession students are welcome to apply, however, you will be given priority consideration as a Health Professions scholarship recipient. The experience complements the knowledge and skills you have developed in school and provides valuable contacts and resources for future Indian health career consideration. Externships are available through the federal civil service, direct Tribal hire and the US Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps.

Apply today for a summer externship. Applications will be accepted through Friday, February 6.

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Additional Reminders
Contact Us

The following documentation is due during the spring term:

Recipient Initial Program Progress Report (IHS-856-8) — Within 30 days of the beginning of the academic term.

Official Transcripts — Due 30 days after you completed your most recent academic term. Transcripts must arrive in a sealed envelope and contain an institutional seal and/or a registrar’s signature or via a secure e-file delivery; copies will not be accepted.

Summer School Request (IHS-856-21) — Due April 22. This form must be completed and signed by your school advisor and include your major curriculum. Summer school courses must be requirements of your health profession degree program.

Do you have questions about the application process? Your Program Analyst is available to guide you through submitting your online application and supporting documentation.

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