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Other Materials

Recipient Orientation Series

The IHS Scholarship Program created a recipient orientation series of PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs) outlining the requirements and responsibilities for Preparatory/Pre-Graduate and Health Professions scholarship recipients and graduating/deferment-eligible recipients moving on to fulfill their service commitments or begin their post-graduate clinical training. Review the appropriate presentation to understand all deadlines and requirements necessary to ensure continued scholarship support.

Preparatory and Pre-Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Overview [PPT - 2.8 MB]
Reporting Requirements [PPT - 2.4 MB]
Extension Application Policies [PPT - 2.4 MB]

Health Profession Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Overview [PPT - 3.3 MB]
Reporting Requirements [PPT - 2.8 MB]
Extension Application Policies [PPT - 2.0 MB]

Training and Service Commitment

Post-Graduate Clinical Training Policies [PPT - 5.6 MB]
Service Commitment Policies [PPT - 4.7 MB]

IHS Extern Program

IHS Extern Program Policies [PPT - 2.5 MB]