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Recipient Orientation Series

The IHS Scholarship Program created a recipient orientation series of PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs) outlining the requirements and responsibilities for Preparatory/Pre-Graduate and Health Professions scholarship recipients and graduating/deferment-eligible recipients moving on to fulfill their service commitments or begin their post-graduate clinical training. Review the appropriate presentation to understand all deadlines and requirements necessary to ensure continued scholarship support.

Preparatory and Pre-Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Overview [PPT - 2.8 MB]
Reporting Requirements [PPT - 2.4 MB]
Extension Application Policies [PPT - 2.4 MB]

Health Profession Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Overview [PPT - 3.3 MB]
Reporting Requirements [PPT - 2.8 MB]
Extension Application Policies [PPT - 2.0 MB]

Training and Service Commitment

Post-Graduate Clinical Training Policies [PPT - 5.6 MB]
Service Commitment Policies [PPT - 4.7 MB]

IHS Extern Program

IHS Extern Program Policies [PPT - 2.5 MB]


The IHS Scholarship Program distributes nine newsletters throughout the academic year providing important information regarding scholarship recipient responsibilities, information on the new application cycle and other scholarship and grant opportunities.

Applicants Who Did Not Receive an Award

Email #1:Additional opportunities for scholarship or grant funding (July)
Email #2: Reapply (January)

Scholarship Recipients

Email #3: Preparatory Scholarship Recipients (September)
Email #4: Pre-Graduate Scholarship Recipients (September)
Email #5: Health Professions Scholarship Recipients (September)

Scholarship Recipients Eligible to Apply for Continued Scholarship Support

Email #6: Preparatory and Pre-Graduate Scholarship Recipients (January)
Email #7: Health Professions Scholarship Recipients (January)

Upcoming Graduates

Email #8: Graduating Health Professions Scholarship Recipients (September)
Email #9: Deferment-Eligible Scholarship Recipients (September)