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Community-Directed Programs

SDPI Community-Directed Program

The Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) Community-Directed Program:

  • Provides grants to 301 IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian health programs in 35 states to implement diabetes treatment and prevention services.
  • Focuses on effective evidence-based intervention strategies using the SDPI Diabetes Best Practices.
  • Uses a broad, community-based public health approach to diabetes treatment and prevention for American Indian and Alaska Native people.
  • Identifies and develops services and activities that address local concerns and needs.

The IHS Division of Diabetes coordinates the SDPI grant program with guidance from the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee.

SDPI funding has made it possible for American Indian/Alaska Native communities to develop and sustain quality diabetes treatment and prevention programs – often, where few resources existed before. Quality diabetes care practices, guided by the IHS Standards of Care for People with Diabetes, now are commonplace in American Indian and Alaska Native communities and health care facilities.

Affecting the course of a public health problem such as diabetes requires years of sustained effort and intervention. As evidenced by recent data presented in the SDPI 2020 Report to Congress, the SDPI is turning hope into reality for American Indian/Alaska Native people:

  • Increases in diabetes prevalence (percent of people with diabetes) among adults are slowing;
  • In youth, diabetes remains rare and prevalence is not increasing;
  • Long-term control of key diabetes clinical measures is being sustained; and
  • The incidence rate (new cases) for end-stage renal disease in people with diabetes is decreasing.

Community-Directed Diabetes Program Resources

Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee – Information about the next Quarterly Meeting, Committee Directory, and Charter are available here.

SDPI 2020 Report to Congress – Highlights the SDPI's ongoing and outstanding accomplishments in improving the quality of diabetes care and health outcomes for American Indian/Alaska Native people.

SDPI Community-Directed Fact Sheets – Downloadable fact sheets can be used to inform Tribal Leaders and community members.

SDPI Community-Directed Grant Resources – Resources towards the grant application, reporting, and training can be found here.