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DP/HH Grant Resources

Final Progress Report

The Final Progress Report [PDF – 508 KB] is a four page PDF fillable template developed by the Division of Diabetes to collect information about the accomplishments and outcomes of each SDPI DP/HH grant program.

  • Grantees who have requested a no cost extension: the Final Progress Report will be due within 90 days after the end of the no cost extension period.

Uploading the Final Progress Report into GrantSolutions

When completed, the Final Progress Report must be uploaded into Grant Solutions using the following instructions:

Submission Steps:

  1. Log into GrantSolutions
  2. Click "Grant Notes" – a new Grant Notes window will pop up
  3. Click "Add" at the end of the screen
  4. For subject, put "Final Progress Report for Project Period End Date MM/DD/YYYY"
  5. Select "Correspondence" for Note Type and "Programmatic Report" for Category Type
  6. Fill in required "Notes" field (it can be the same Subject information as the item 4 above or any information you wish to note on your grant)
  7. Use the lower section to browse for your reports to upload into the system
  8. Ensure that the Status shows "SUCCESSFUL" for each document before clicking the "Submit" button
  9. Notify the Division of Diabetes that the report has been submitted on GrantSolutions

Other Required Report Forms

The following forms must be completed and submitted into GrantSolutions within 90 days of the end of your grant period. Additional instructions are provided within each form and template. Contact your Grants Management Specialist for questions on these reports.

  • Performance Progress Report (SF-PPR) [PDF] – The Performance Progress Report (PPR) is a standard, government-wide performance progress reporting format used by Federal agencies to collect performance information from recipients of Federal funds awarded under all Federal programs that exceed $100,000 or more per project/grant period, excluding those that support research.
  • Federal Financial Report, Standard Form 425 (SF-425) [PDF] – A required report and form that must be submitted to the Division of Payment Management and your Grants Management Specialist. This requirement is stated in the Notice of Award (NoA) Standard Grant Conditions under the Fiscal & Programmatic Reports.

Recorded Sessions

Grant Budget Questions

You can contact your Grants Management Specialist (GMS) for clarification on budget issues, for information on Federal Financial Reporting, and for assistance with Grant Solutions. Include your contact information, grant Award Number and program name in all communications to your GMS. Visit the Division of Grants Management website for more information.

For Healthy Heart Initiative Programs, contact:

John Hoffman, Senior Grants Management Specialist

For Diabetes Prevention Initiative Programs, contact:

Pallop Chareonvootitam, Senior Grants Management Specialist

Policies and Other References

Contact Information

Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Carmen Licavoli Hardin, Deputy Director
Phone: (301) 443-2522