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The IHS currently reports agency-wide performance measures. Existing performance measures may be used to monitor progress on goals and objectives included in the IHS Strategic Plan FY 2019-2023. Additional measures for specific objectives or strategies may be developed as the agency moves forward with implementation of the IHS Strategic Plan.

The IHS is working to develop an implementation process based on the feedback received during the open comment period and based on action recommendations received during the 2018 National Combined Councils Annual Meeting.[8] Updates on the agency’s progress in implementation of the IHS Strategic Plan will be made available at the IHS Strategic Plan website.

Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and GPRA Modernization Act (GPRAMA): For IHS, performance improvement is a concerted effort by all members of the Indian health care system working together to improve a comprehensive set of existing GPRA and GPRAMA performance measures. Although not required by law, some tribally managed health programs voluntarily submit performance data for participation in GPRA/GPRAMA performance reporting. All UIOs report on all GPRA/GPRAMA measures. The IHS performance measures are focused on monitoring population health and assessing program trends and management. The measures support the IHS’s strategic goals and improvement of AI/AN health outcomes. See Appendix B: GPRA/GPRAMA Measures and IHS Strategic Plan Crosswalk. Progress on performance measures is tracked annually and reported in the IHS Congressional Justification and on the IHS Quality website. GPRAMA measures are also reported in the HHS Annual Performance Plan and Report. The GPRA and other National Reporting website includes additional information about the GPRA and other clinical care performance measures.

National Accountability Dashboard for Quality (NAD-Q) : The IHS gathers and reports data on key quality measures to ensure compliance with IHS policy requirements, accreditation standards, and/or federal regulations at IHS hospitals and ambulatory health centers. Reports are generated on a quarterly basis and available at the IHS Quality website. The NAD-Q supports the agency’s strategic goals and improvement of AI/AN health outcomes. See Appendix C: National Accountability Dashboard for Quality and IHS Strategic Plan Crosswalk.

Other : The IHS cascades performance goals and objectives and performance-related metrics agency-wide. Agency leadership periodically reviews progress in meeting these agency performance objectives, holding regular discussions with senior executives to identify challenges to success and determine feasible solutions. The connection between performance objectives, performance measures, and employee accountability enables agency leadership to direct the efforts of the workforce more accurately, and to make more informed and effective decisions. The impact is greater success in meeting the full array of mission requirements.

[8] The 2018 National Combined Councils Annual Meeting was held in Portland, Oregon, on August 14-17, 2018. During the meeting, breakout sessions were held by the IHS to develop action plans for implementation of the objectives in the Draft IHS Strategic Plan. For more information about the meeting, please visit: . The action plans presented during the meeting are subject to the review and recommendations of IHS senior leadership.