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Boards   Purpose and Membership
IT Investment Review Board  

The ITIRB is the official IHS reviewing body for information technology (IT) investments, including all major initiatives, funding, and expenditures. The ITIRB will:

  • ensure IT resources support the IHS mission;
  • promote the life cycle management of IT systems as “capital investments;” and
  • ensure the IT system project approvals are based on established selection criteria

Meets: Meet (in person, teleconference, or video conference) no less than twice annually.

Required by Clinger-Cohen Act

Members: FACE Committee with Tribal Representatives. The ITIRB membership includes 9 permanent members, 2 rotating members, and an Ex-Officio member.

Meeting Minutes:

Contact: CAPT Mark Rives, DSc, MS, MBA
Chief Information Officer
Email the Office of Information Technology

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