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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Clinical Reporting System (CRS)  

CRS Performance Measure

Performance Measure Topic: Diabetes: Blood Pressure Control.

Topic Denominators:

  • All User Population patients diagnosed with diabetes prior to the Report Period.
  • GPRA Denominator: Active Diabetic patients, defined as all Active Clinical patients diagnosed with diabetes prior to the Report Period, AND at least 2 visits during the Report Period, AND 2 DM-related visits ever.
  • Active Adult Diabetic patients, defined by meeting the following criteria: 1) who are 19 or older at the beginning of the Report period, 2) whose first ever DM diagnosis occurred prior to the Report Period; 3) who had at least 2 DM related visits ever, 4) at least one encounter with DM POV in a primary clinic with a primary provider during the Report Period; and 5) never have had a creatinine value greater than 5.

Topic Numerators:

  • Patients with Blood Pressure documented during the Report Period, defined as mean of last 3 non-ER visit BP values (if 3 are not available, uses mean of 2 visits);
  • GPRA Numerator: Patients with controlled Blood Pressure, defined as less than 140/90, i.e., the mean systolic value is less than 140 AND the mean diastolic value is less than 90;
  • Patients with BP that is not controlled, defined as any value that is equal to or greater than 140/90.

GPRA Measure:

  • Denominator: Active Diabetic patients (see detailed definition above)
  • Numerator: Patients with controlled blood pressure (less than 140/90)

GPRA Measure Target:
During FY 2015, achieve the target rate of 63.8% for the proportion of patients with diagnosed diabetes who have achieved blood pressure control (defined as <140/90).

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