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Clinical Reporting System (CRS)  

Urban GPRA/GPRAMA Reporting


Health care facilities operated and run by the Urban Indian Health Program are required to report their Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)/Government Performance and Results Modernization Act (GPRAMA) clinical performance measures to IHS and Congress.

All urban sites must report GPRA/GPRAMA results. Sites using the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) must use the Clinical Reporting System (CRS) application for reporting; non-RPMS sites can use electronic or manual reporting methods for reporting, but must use the most recent version of performance measure logic found in the CRS manual. All non-RPMS reports must have a data-supported audit trail that can be verified and validated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

GPRA/GPRAMA includes performance measures for:
  • Diabetes care
  • Cancer Screening
  • Dental Care
  • Immunizations (adult and childhood)
  • Behavioral Health Screening (e.g. Domestic Violence, Alcohol Use, Depression)
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Comprehensive CVD Assessment
  • HIV Screening for pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding

The GPRA/GPRAMA reporting year runs from July 1 through June 30. GPRA/GPRAMA reports are due after every quarter except the 1st quarter. Reports are cumulative; each quarterly report contains data from July 1st until the end of the quarter. Specific reporting due dates are established annually, but generally GPRA/GPRAMA reports are due approximately one month after the end of a quarter.
  • 1st Quarter: runs from July 1 - September 30; no report due to IHS
  • 2nd Quarter: runs from October 1 - December 31 (2nd quarter report includes data from July 1-December 31)
  • 3rd Quarter: January 1 - March 31 (3rd quarter report includes data from July 1-March 31)
  • 4th Quarter: April 1 - June 30 (4th quarter/final report includes data from July 1-June 30)

2015 GPRA/GPRAMA Reporting

The deadlines for the 2015 quarterly GPRA reports are shown below. Quarterly reports should be sent to your Area GPRA coordinator by e-mail or FTP (CRS reports only).
  • 2nd Quarter: January 23, 2015
  • 3rd Quarter : April 24, 2015
  • 4th Quarter (Final): July 24, 2015

Assistance and Training

Urban facilities needing additional information and/or training may contact Phyllis Wolfe or Sherriann Moore at the Urban Indian Health Program (UIHP) at (301) 443-1044.

Urban facilities using RPMS who need technical assistance should contact Cynthia Perez at (505) 248-4102.

For questions regarding GPRA, contact any member of the National GPRA Support Team.

Wendy Blocker, (916) 930-3981 ext. 308
Christine Brennan, (916) 930-3981 ext. 333
Amy Patterson, (916) 716-6929
Rachel Harvey, (916) 930-3981 ext. 361

Additional Information

2015 Reporting Instructions

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