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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Clinical Support Center (CSC) "Leading Indian Health Care Education"

Office of Continuing Education

The CSC, Office of Continuing Education (OCE) must participate integrally in the planning and implementation of each sponsored activity. The process begins with the submission of a “Proposal” that is developed when planning begins. By starting the sponsorship relationship early in the planning stages, you can take advantage of the Office of Continuing Education’s many years of experience in these endeavors. We will recommend examples, tools, forms, and samples from similar activities and regular consultation with the OCE staff throughout the planning process will ensure that all CE elements are addressed properly. Please understand that our role in your continuing education activity is to support and offer guidance, ultimately ensuring you have a successful CE event.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Pharmacy continuing education. ***

The following table outlines the entire CE process; please take the time to review the description details following each section as this information will assist you in the completion of the corresponding form. We look forward to working with you!

To help with the process, here is a CE Sponsorship checklist [Word - 51KB].

CE Activity Steps Detailed Description Blank Form(s)
Submitting a Proposal Read | Print (PDF-14KB) CE Course (WORD-366KB)
Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) (WORD-375KB)
Needs Assessment Read | Print (PDF-9KB) Needs Assessment (WORD-297KB)
Agenda Read | Print (PDF-13KB) N/A
Learning Objectives Read | Print (PDF-21KB) Educational Planning Table [Word - 26KB]
Faculty Communication Read | Print (PDF-21KB) N/A
Disclosure of Commercial Support Read | Print (PDF-14KB) Speaker/Planner Disclosure (WORD-544KB)
Evaluation Process Read | Print (PDF-12KB) Evaluation Form(WORD-71KB)


Post Meeting Data
CE Activity Steps Detailed Description Blank Form(s)
CE Course Attendance Documents Read | Print (PDF-11KB) Attendance Summary (WORD-98KB)
CE Sign-In Sheet (WORD-117KB)
Physician Teaching Credit Request (WORD-286KB)
Regularly Scheduled Series Attendance Documents Read | Print (PDF-26KB) RSS Sign In Sheet (WORD-84KB)
Evaluation Summary Read | Print (PDF-9KB) Overall Evaluation Summary [Word - 66KB]


The Indian Health Service has required changes in the role of the Clinical Support Center (CSC) pharmacy program. Additional duties assigned to CSC now require changes in the sponsorship of continuing education (CE) activities that will offer Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) credit. The CSC will continue to sponsor the IHS Pharmacy Practice Training Program and the SW Regional Pharmacy CE Seminar, as well as programs developed in conjunction with the IHS Primary Pharmacy Consultant and the Area Pharmacy Consultants. However, we will have to decline sponsorship of programs that are coordinated primarily outside of this office. The goal is to focus continued sponsorship activities that have a national or regional impact on the IHS and Indian health program pharmacists, and suspend the sponsorship of activities that have local impact and require a significant time commitment that CSC can no longer make. Pharmacists who participate in or who attend your course will receive certificates reflecting AMA credit.
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