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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Clinical Support Center (CSC) "Leading Indian Health Care Education"

Office of Continuing Education

Accurate attendance records must be kept to assure the proper issuance of credit hours. The method of record keeping may depend upon the type and size of your CE activity. For smaller meetings, the Summary Attendance Report Form can be used to compile the totals of hours recorded on Sign-in Sheets. At larger meetings (for example 150 participants who attend an educational activity over several days), sign-in sheets may be impractical. In that situation, we recommend the use of the Documentation of Attendance Form, on which participants record their own attendance. A Registration Form may be used to collect demographic and contact information about your participants.

The completed report of attendance to be submitted to CSC should include:

  1. The name and profession (MD, RN, PharmD, CNM, LPN, PA, NP, etc.) of attendee.
  2. The participant’s address, if we are to send certificates directly to the attendee. Please have the participants specify if this is their business or personal mailing address. If all certificates are to be sent back to the coordinator for distribution, participant’s addresses may be omitted.
  3. The last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN). We use this number as a unique identifier for each individual in our data system so that we will be able to keep cumulative records and send individuals transcripts of all CSC-sponsored events in which they have participated and for which they have earned continuing education hours or units. You may explain to participants that this is for our own internal data system only.
  4. The total hours of verified participation. If there are data from several sessions or days, we ask that you add up the hours for each participant and submit only the total. The hours awarded are generally broken down by half-day segments in our letter to you agreeing to sponsor the activity; these hours awarded are the ones to use in calculating totals. If someone attended only part of a session, calculate hours accordingly.
All of the information on the Summary Attendance Report Form should be typed. A handwritten name that is recognizable to you and you may already know who the person is, may lose something in copying, faxing, etc... In our experience, instructions to "please print" have little effect, and almost always such sheets have to be returned to you for translation.

We have printed examples of the various forms for you to use or reference, feel free to choose from these forms, reproduce them, modify them (as long as the content remains the same). If you feel you have an idea to improve their usefulness, let us know and we will modify them for you. If you would like one of these forms modified for your use and sent to you on paper or electronically, just ask.

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