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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Clinical Support Center (CSC) "Leading Indian Health Care Education"

Office of Continuing Education

Your educational activity should be planned to meet identified learning needs of the prospective participants. It follows, then, that there should be some systematic effort to identify whom you are trying to reach want or what they need to learn. Needs should be identified using a variety of sources, and objective measures should be used whenever possible. Once identified, these needs should be analyzed and prioritized by the planning committee to produce the maximum impact.

The Needs Assessment Form will provide you with a list of the many valid methods by which to discover needs. Please place a check next to as many of these methods that will apply to the activity you are planning. Provide a brief narrative describing your needs assessment process in the space provided or on a separate sheet. Cite specific sources of data when possible. Once you have a compiled list of needs, you will usually need to narrow it down to a manageable number of topics that will fit your resources. You should use the activity planning committee to accomplish this, and you should record how the decisions were made about what subjects to include. The Needs Assessment Form will also list criteria commonly used for prioritizing continuing education needs. Please place a check next to as many as you used/will use in deciding upon the most important needs for this activity. Please use the sample of the Needs Assessment form and supporting narrative paragraph as a guide.

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