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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Office of Public Health

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The Office of Public Health ensures that high quality health services are available for Indian people in California. We accomplish this goal by helping the tribal and urban Indian health programs meet nationally accepted standards of care for healthcare organizations. Our professional staff provides training and technical assistance in addition to performing basic federal functions such as contract monitoring and health program performance evaluations. Our mission is to: monitor health status; empower health care providers and consumers about new innovative practices; and join with other health care partners to improve access and delivery of care. We assure proper licensure credentialing is being used and national accreditation is being sought by Tribal, Urban and Buy-Indian health programs.

Office of Public Health

Steve Riggio, DDS, Associate Director (Extension 322) (

  • Administrative direction of health care services
  • Assures management of electronic data collection of health information
  • Assures technical performance monitoring of tribal and urban health contracts
  • Area Dental Consultant
  • Area Head Start Coordinator
  • Area Urban Coordinator
  • Project Officer / Technical Assistance
  • Program performance reviews 

Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

Amy Patterson, PhD, Public Health Analyst, (Extension 320) (
CDR Wendy Blocker, MSN, Public Health Analyst, (Extension 308) (
Christine Brennan, MPH, Public Health Analyst, (Extension 333) (
Rachel Harvey, Public Health Analyst, (Extension 361) (

  • Data analysis, local and national reports
  • Epidemiology: technical assistance consultant
  • National GPRA management and technical support
  • Program planning and statistics support

Health Professional Consultants

Beverly Calderon, RD, CDE, (760) 735-6884 (

  • Area Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP) Consultant
  • Dietician
  • Project Officer / Technical Assistance

Susan Ducore, RN, PHN, (Extension 323) (

  • Area Nurse Consultant
  • Immunization Coordinator
  • Project Officer / Technical Assistance

Mark Espinosa, MPHA, (Extension 315) (

  • Health Systems Administrator

  • Oversee the daily operations of the YRTC

  • Manage staff and resources for the YRTC

  • Educate the public and professionals about the YRTC program and perform outreach

Marilyn Freeman, RHIA (Extension 362) (

  • Clinical Applications Coordinator
  • Vista Imaging Coordinator
  • Meaningful Use Coordinator

Helen Maldonado, PA, CDE, (Extension 332) (

  • Area Diabetes Consultant
  • Diabetes Managment training and Technical Assistance
  • Improvement Advisor for Improving Patient Care (IPC)

Dawn Phillips, RN, CDE, (Extension 331) (

  • Project Officer / Technical Assistance
  • YRTC Risk Pool Techncial Assistance
  • Behavioral Health Technical Assistance

Steven Viramontes, PHN, (Extension 359) (

  • Clinical Applications Coordinator
  • Telemedicine Coordinator

Information Resources Management Office

Robert Gemmell, Supv. IT Specialist, Area Chief Information Officer (Extension 326) (
Toni Johnson, IT Specialist, Business Office Coordinator, CHS Officer (Extension 354) (
Kelly Stephenson, IT Specialist, Area Telecommunications Liaison (Extension 330) (
Gary Mosier, IT Specialist, RPMS Database Administrator (Extension 329) (
Michelle Martinez, IT Specialist, (Extension 358) (
Theresa "Reese" Weber, IT Specialist, System Administrator (Extension 307) (
Marcella Begaye, IT Specialist, RPMS Support, (Extension 320) (
Stephen Thibodeau, IT Specialist, Clinical Applications (Extension 353) (
Edna Johnson, IT Specialist (Extension 324) (
Ron Byers, IT Specialist (Extension 370) (

  • Area website management
  • Business office coordination
  • Management and support of Clinical Applications
  • E-mail system maintenance and support
  • Information security
  • RPMS data reporting
  • RPMS software and patch updates
  • RPMS training and technical assistance
  • Database administration
  • Statistical computer research
  • Third party billing coordination
  • WAN and LAN system support