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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention (HPDP)

About HPDP


American Indian/Alaska Native communities are the healthiest in the world.


Health Promotion/Disease Prevention will, as part of the public health and health care system, improve the health status of American Indians/Alaska Natives by communicating wellness, moving for wellness, sharing what’s happening and what’s working, and partnering with communities.

Shared Values

  • Community Owned Wellness
  • Honoring Tradition and Culture
  • Strengths, Collaboration, Innovation, and Transformation
  • Sustainable Population Based Approaches


The goal of the HP/DP program is to create healthier American Indian and Alaska Native communities by developing, coordinating, implementing, and disseminating effective health promotion and chronic disease prevention programs through collaboration with key stakeholders and by building on individual, family, and community strengths and assets.


The HPDP program has initiated a wide range of prevention efforts designed to meet its goal of creating healthier communities. The program is providing cooperative grants to encourage tribal/urban organizations to develop innovative interventions. It is building local capacity through the Healthy Native Communities Fellowship program and Youth Leadership programs. HPDP Program is increasing access to an online clearinghouse that contains best and promising practices/local efforts, resources, training tools, wellness data, and community assessment tools for health promotion and disease prevention. Health providers, community health workers and other individuals who want to make positive changes in their local communities by accessing HPDP tools and information on this web site.

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