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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention (HPDP)

Restoring Balance

The 1992 Restoring Balance project grew out of an Indian Health Service (IHS) program that was developed in the Aberdeen Area, the “Groundswell towards Health” program. It trained local leaders in health promotion and community development, empowering them to deal with serious health and other issues in their communities. IHS and Stanford University Health Promotion Resource Center developed the Restoring Balance manual to expand these resources and training to other areas and Indian communities.

Today, the Restoring Balance is being updated as part of the IHS Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HP/DP) initiative. The IHS HP/DP program consists of HP/DP coordinators in each of the IHS Service Areas, the Healthy Natives Community Fellowship (HNCF), and IHS Headquarter staff. The revised Restoring Balance manual incorporates original efforts and is enhanced with activities addressing community capacity today as identified by local communities supported by the Area Coordinators and the HCNF program.

Restoring Balance - Community Owned Wellness [PDF - 2.7KB]
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