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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

     Indian Health Manual
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Part 2, Chapter 4:  Manual Appendix C

Table of Available Services

Services Provided

Applicants Direct Care Contract Care Emergency Care Only Autority
Indians and Alaska Natives x x    66 Stat. 674 and all following appropriation Acts.  (see Indian Health Manual Part 2 Chapter 1)
PHS Commissioned Officers on duty at Indian Health facilities. x       Section 326 pf PHS Act. P.L. 569, 84th Congress, P.L. 614, 89th Congress.  See Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.2A, 2-4.3A and 2-4.4A
Dependents of Commissioned Officers stationed at Indian Health facilities x      Officers Handbook for Commissioned Officers CCPM Pamphlet 10-J and PHS General Circular No. 6 (9/15/70).  (See Indian Health Manual 2-4.2B, 2-4.3B.)
PHS Commissioned Officers not on duty at Indian Health facilities x       Section 326 of PHS Act, P.L. 569, 84th Cong., P.L., 614, 89th Congress
Members of the Uniformed Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps)       x PHS Reg. 32.11. Notify member's Headquarters for authorization and payment.  (See Indian Health Manual Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.4E.)
Beneficiaries of the Veterans Administration x       By prearranged agreement between IHS and VA.  (See IH Manual, Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.2G, 2-4.3G
Job Corps and VISTA Volunteers x       When working close to an IHS hospital in accordance with agreement with office of Economic Opportunity.  Job Corps enrollees will have a letter of authorization from camp authority, VISTA workers have Blue Cross cards, for identification.  (See IH Manual Part 2, Chapter 4, section 2-4.2I, 2-4.3H, 2-4.5F.)
Employees of the Service at Facility x       P.L. 658, 79th Congress, BOB Circular H-72 dated 6/18/65.  Limited direct care under Federal Employee Health Program.  (See IHS Manual, Part 1, Chapter 8.)
Federal Employees' Compensation x       PHS Regulation 32.11.  (See IH Manual Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.2J, 2-4.3J and 2-4.4F.)
Federal Employees' Compensation x       Federal Employees Compensation care within limitations.  (See IHS Manual, Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.3C.)

Section 301 of the PHS Act and PHS Reg. 32, 6(C)(1).  As special study case (See IHS Manual, Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.6.)

Other Federal Employees Stationed near Indian Health facilities x   


Federal Employee Health Program when their agency makes agreement with IHS.  Limited direct care.  (See above).

PHS Regulation 32.11.  (See above).

Section 301 of the PHS Act.  As special study cases.  (See above).

Seamen and other eligible for care under the Federal Health Programs Service x       PHS Reg. Part 32.  Only when IHS hospital is closer than FHPS hospital and by authorization from the PHPS hospital or shipowner.  (See IH Manual, Part 2, Chapter 4, Sec. 2-4.2H, 2-4.3H, and 2-4.4E.)
Federal Employees and Dependents near remote facilities.          P.L. 174, 90th Congress.  (Services not provided.  Funds not available.)
Non-Native, Non-Emergency in Alaska x

      48 U.S.C. 49, (See IH Manual, Part 2, Chapter 4, 2-4.2K).

Section 301 PHS Act and PHS Reg. 32.6(C)(1).  As special study cases.  (See above.)
Persons not otherwise eligible       x PHS Regulation 32.11 (see above).

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