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National Council of Chief Executive Officers. The NCCEO is composed of designated IHS Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Tribal Health Program Directors, and Urban Indian Health Program Directors.

General Membership. The NCCEO membership includes all IHS CEOs, Tribal Health Program Directors, and Urban Indian Health Program Directors. General members receive updates and information from the NCCEO Executive Committee on a recurring basis. General members may attend meetings, volunteer time, and serve functions within the NCCEO as requested or appointed, but have no chartered duties or responsibilities.

Executive Committee. The NCCEO Executive Committee consists of the NCCEO Chairperson, NCCEO Vice Chairperson, NCCEO Secretary, Deputy Director of Management Operations (IHS) and up to thirty-six Area representatives, three from each IHS Area.

Three Area representatives are designated by each Area Director, with generally on CEO appointed to represent IHS programs; one CEO or Health Director appointed to represent Tribal programs; and one CEO or Health Director appointed to represent Urban Indian Health programs. However, representative designation in Areas that lack and IHS, Tribal, or Urban (I/T/U) program is left to the discretion of the Area Director(s) to appoint Area representatives in a manner that ensures fair and inclusive involvement on the NCCEO.

Elections for NCCEO Officer Positions.

  1. The NCCEO Chairperson term is every 2 years and is alternated with the NCCEO Vice Chairperson.
  2. The NCCEO Vice Chairperson term is every 2 years and is alternated with the NCCEO Chairperson.
  3. The NCCEO Secretary’s term is 1 year.

If an Officers position(s) becomes available during the appointment term, the highest ranking NCCEO Executive Committee member will call for nominations, vote by majority vote for another Executive Committee member and fill the available position for the remainder of the unexpired term(s) within 45 days of a vacated position.

Contact List Updated 05-21-2013

Area Service Unit Phone# Name e-Mail
Great Plains (Aberdeen) Belcourt Healthcare Facility 701-477-6111 Fred Koebrick (Acting) fred.koebrick@ihs.gov
  Cheyenne River Hospital 605-964-7724 Charles Fischer charles.fischer@ihs.gov
  Crow Creek Health Center 605-245-1617 Bernard Long bernard.long@ihs.gov
  Lower Brule Health Center 605-473-5544 Deleen Kougl deleen.kougl@ihs.gov
  Pine Ridge Hospital 605-867-5131 Allen Davis (Acting) allen.davis@ihs.gov
  Kyle Health Center 605-455-2451 Red Fox Sanchez redfox.sanchez@ihs.gov
  Wanblee Health Center 605-462-6155 Francine Red Willow francine.redwillow@ihs.gov
  Rapid City Hospital 605-355-3500 CDR Cecil Means (Acting) cecil.means@ihs.gov
  Rosebud Hospital 605-747-2231 Dr. Sophie Two Hawk sophie.twohawk@ihs.gov
  Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Health Center - Sisseton 605-698-7606 Richard Huff richard.huff@ihs.gov
  Spirit Lake Health Center 701-766-1607 Arlene Krulish arlene.krulish@ihs.gov
  Standing Rock Hospital 701-854-3831 Wehnona Stabler wehnona.stabler@ihs.gov
  McLauglin Health Center 605-823-4458 Jana Gipp jana.gipp@ihs.gov
  Quentin N. Burdick - Belcourt 701-477-6111 Shelly Harris shelly.harris@ihs.gov
  Winnebago Hospital 402-878-2231 Pat Medina pat.medina@ihs.gov
  Wagner Health Center 605-384-3621 Mike Horned Eagle michael.hornedeagle@ihs.gov
Albuquerque Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Service Unit 505-552-5300 Fern Detsoi fern.detsoi@ihs.gov
  Alamo Navao Health Center 575-854-2626 Patricia Renfro pat@ansbi.org
  Albuquerque Service Unit 505-248-4064 Randy Jordan randy.jordan@ihs.gov
  Albuquerque IHS Dental Clinic 505-346-2306 Maureen Cordova maureen.cordova@ihs.gov
  Cochiti Health Center 505-465-2587 Leslie Dye leslie.dye@ihs.gov
  Denver Indian Health & Family Services 303-781-4050 Delbert Nutter dnutter@dihfs.org
  First Nations Community Health Source 505-262-2481 Linda Son Stone, Ph.D. Linda.son-stone@fnch.org
  Isleta Health Center 505-869-3200 David Antle dantle@islclinic.net
  Jemez Health Center 575-834-7413 Maria Clark maria.clark@jemezpueblo.org
  Jicarilla Service Unit 505-759-3291 Sandra Lahi sandra.lahi@ihs.gov
  Mescalero Service Unit 505-464-4441 Dorlynn Simmons dorlynn.simmons@ihs.gov
  New Sunrise Regional Treatment Center 505-552-5500 Gregory Dobbs gregory.dobbs@ihs.gov
  Pine Hill Health Center 505-7753271 Alvin Rafelito alvin.rafelito@ihs.gov
  Sandia PHS Health Center 505-867-4969 Carrie Sarnicky csarnicky@sandiapueblo.nsn.us
  San Felipe Health Center 505-867-2739 Leslie Dye leslie.dye@ihs.gov
  Santa Ana Health Center 505-867-2497 Randy Jordan randy.jordan@ihs.gov
  Santa Clara Health Center 505-753-9421 Leslie Dye leslie.dye@ihs.gov
  Santa Fe Service Unit 505-946-9273 Leslie Dye leslie.dye@ihs.gov
  Santo Domingo Health Clinic 505-465-3060 Dave Panana dpanana@kp-hc.org
  Southern Colorado Ute Health Center 970-563-4581 Stephen Herrera (acting)  
  Taos-Picuris Service Unit 505-758-4224 Melody Price-Yonts melody.price-yonts@ihs.gov
  To'hajiilee Health Center 505-908-2307 Fern Detsoi Fern.detsoi@ihs.gov
  Ute Mountain Ute Health Center 970-565-4441 E. David Ward earl.ward@ihs.gov
  Ysleta del Sur Service Unit 915-859-1076 Rosario Olivera rolivera@ydsp-nsn.gov
  Zia Health Center 505-867-5258 Randy Jordan randy.jordan@ihs.gov
  Zuni Ramah Service Unit 505-782-4431 Jean Othole jean.othole@ihs.gov
Bemidji Greater Leech Lake Service Unit 218-335-3200 Norrine Smith norrine.smith@ihs.gov
  Red Lake Service Unit 218-679-3316 Mark Karzon mark.karzon@ihs.gov
  White Earth Service Unit 218-983-4300 Larry Patnaude larry.patnaude@ihs.gov
Billings Blackfeet Service Unit 406-338-6154 Merlin Gilham merlin.gilham@ihs.gov
  Crow/Northern Cheyenne Service Unit 406-638-3461 Kevin Stiffarm (Acting kevin.stiffarm@ihs.gov
  Flathead Health Board 406-745-3525    
  Fort Belknap Service Unit 406-353-3100 Steve Fox steve.foxjr@ihs.gov
  Fort Peck Service Unit 406-768-3491 Julie Bemer julie.bemer@ihs.gov
  Northern Cheyenne Service Unit 406-477-4400 Debby Bends debby.bends@ihs.gov
  Rocky Boys Health Board 406-395-4982 Fawn Tadios-Hawn ftadias@quinautt.org
  Wind River Service Unit 307-332-9416 Richard Brannan richard.brannan@mail.ihs.gov
California Feather River Tribal Health, Inc. 530-534-5394 Maria Hunzeker maria.hunzeker@frth.org
Nashville Catawba Service Unit 803-366-9098 LCDR Tonya G. Cornwell tonya.cornwell@ihs.gov
  Micmac Service Unit 707-764-7219 Theresa Cochran theresa.cochran@ihs.gov
  Mashpee Wampanoag Health Service Unit 508-477-69163 Rita Gonsalves, RN rita.gonsalves@ihs.gov
  Unity Healing Center 828-497-3958 Rebecca (Hillane) Lambert rebecca.lambert@ihs.gov
  Lockport Service Unit 716-243-5367 Myles Jones, MPH myles.jones@ihs.gov
Navajo Chinle Service Unit (federal) 928-674-7011 Ron Tso Ron.Tso@ihs.gov
  Crownpoint Service Unit (federal) 505-786-6313 Anslem Roanhorse Anslem.roanhorse@ihs.gov
  Fort Defiance (638) 928-727-8014 Leland Leonard Leland.leonard@fdihb.org
  Gallup Service Unit (federal) 505-722-1400 Vida Khow vida.khow@ihs.gov
  Kayenta Service Unit 928-697-4234 Linda White linda.white@ihs.gov
  Sage Memorial Hospital (638) 928-755-4602 Christi El.Meligi christi.elmeligi@razaghihealthcare.com
  Shiprock Service Unit (federal) 505-368-6005 Fannessa Comer Fannessa.Comer@ihs.gov
  Tuba City (638) 928-283-2784 Joseph Engelken joseph.engelken@tchealth.org
  Utah Navajo Health Systems, Inc 435-981-3766 Michael Jensen mjensen@unhsinc.org
  Winslow Service Unit (638) 928-289-6101 Sally Pete Sally.Pete@wihcc.org
Oklahoma City Anadarko PHS Indian Health Center 405-247-2458 Kelly Factor kelly.factor@ihs.gov
  Carnegie PHS Indian Health Station 580-654-1100 Linda Bailey, Facility Director Linda.Bailey@mail.ihs.gov
  Claremore Indian Hospital 918-342-6427 George Valliere george.valliere@ihs.gov
  Clinton Indian Hospital 580-331-3314 Carmen "Skip" Clelland carmen.clelland@ihs.gov
  El Reno - PHS Indian Health Center 405-262-7631 Carmen "Skip" Clelland carmen.clelland@ihs.gov
  Haskell PHS Indian Health Center 785-843-3750 Sharon Dawes sharon.dawes@ihs.gov
  Lawton Indian Hospital 580-354-5102 Greg Ketcher greg.ketcher@ihs.gov
  Pawnee Indian Health Center 918-762-6616 Travis Scott travis.scott@ihs.gov
  Pawhuska PHS Indian Health Center 918-287-4491 April Gothard april.gothard@ihs.gov
  Watonga - PHS Indian Health Center 580-623-4991 Carmen "Skip" Clelland carmen.clelland@ihs.gov
  Wewoka PHS Indian Health Center 405-257-7326 Millie Blackmon millie.blackmon@ihs.gov
  White Cloud PHS Indian Health Station 785-595-3450 Jill Anderson (acting) jill.anderson@ihs.gov
Phoenix Colorado River Service Unit 928-669-2137 Kathy Welchert (Acting) kathy.welchert@ihs.gov
  Desert Visions Treatment Center 888-431-4096 Lynn Abeita lynn.abeita@ihs.gov
  Elko Service Unit 775-738-2252 Donald Mckenzie (Acting) donald.mckenzie@ihs.gov
  Fort Duchesne Service Unit 435-722-5122 Timothy Taylor (Acting) timothy.taylor@ihs.gov
  Fort Yuma Service Unit 760-572-4105 Roger Dahozy roger.dahozy@ihs.gov
  Keams Canyon Service Unit 928-738-5252 De Alva Honahnie dealva.honahni@ihs.gov
  Phoenix Indian Medical Center 602-263-1200 Dr. John Molina john.molina@ihs.gov
  San Carlos Service Unit 928-475-2371 Nella Ben nella.ben@ihs.gov
  Schurz Service Unit 775-773-2345 Andrew McAuliffe (Acting) andrew.mcauliffe@ihs.gov
  Whiteriver Service Unit 928-338-4911 Michelle Martinez michelle.martinez@ihs.gov
Portland Colville Indian Health Center 509-634-2933 Karol Parker karol.parker@ihs.gov
  Not-tsoo Gah-Nee Health Center 208-238-5493 Shirley Alvarez Shirley.Alvarez@ihs.hhs.gov
  Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center 541-553-4210 Carolyn Prevost carolyn.prevost@ihs.gov
  Chemawa Service Unit 503-304-7600 Ann Arnett ann.arnett@ihs.gov
  David C. Wynecoop Memorial Clinic 509-258-4517 Marcus Martinez marcus.martinez@ihs.gov
  Yakama Indian Health Service 509-865-1732 Jay Sampson jay.sampson@ihs.gov
Tucson Sells Hospital 520-383-7251 Diane Shanley (Acting) diane.shanley@ihs.gov
  Santa Rosa Health Center 520-361-2261 Michael Contos michael.contos@ihs.gov
  San Simon Health Center 520-362-7003 Sally Aday sally.aday@ihs.gov
  San Xavier Health Center 520-295-2480 Bernard DeAsis bernard.deasis@ihs.gov