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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

National Supply Service Center (NSSC)


Indian Health Service National Supply Service Center
Oklahoma City Area Office: 701 Market Drive, OKC, OK 73114-8138
Distribution Center: 501 N.E. 122 St. Suite F OKC, OK. 73114-8138
Phone: (405) 951-6000
Toll Free: 1-888-948-1415

Office of the Director

Fax: 405-951-6057
Warehouse Fax: 405-951-6054

Hayes, Robert
NSSC Director
Phone: 405-951-6079

Metzger-Cross, Bobbi
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 405-951-6076

Quality Assurance/Customer Service Branch

Burch, Jeremy
Computer Specialist
Phone: 405-951-6067

Williams, Robbin
Supervisor Quality Assurance
Phone: 405-951-3956

Inventory Management Specialist
Phone: 405-951-6093

Pharmacy Support Branch

Baker, Matthew
Supervisor, Pharmacy Support Branch
Phone: 405-951-6090

Cummings, James
Program Specialist
Phone: 405-951-6086

Potter, Justin
Program Analyst II
Phone: 405-951-6056

Farrow, Christy
Program Analyst
Phone: 405-951-6098

Scott Parks
General Clerk III
Phone: 405-951-6085

Clelland, Carmen
Pharmacy Program Specialist
Phone: 405-951-6080

Financial Management Branch

Boyd, Debbie
Acquisitions Technician
Phone: 405-951-6087

Aduddell, Toni
Accounting Technician
Phone: 405-951-6004

Supervisor/Budget Analyst
Phone: 405-951-6043

Contracting & Acquisitions Branch

Purchasing Agent, Cardinal
Phone: 405-951-6089

McQuerry, Amber
Contract Specialist
Phone: 405-951-6041

Eidson, Sherry
Supervisor/ Contract Specialist/Med-Surg
Phone: 405-951-6084

Knight, Debbie
Acquisitions Technician
Phone: 405-951-6047

Marcus, Sara
Supervisor/Contract Specialist/Pharmacy
Phone: 405-951-3998

Evelyn Cook
Acquisitions Technician
Phone: 405-951-6082

Taylor, Donna
Acquisitions Technician
Phone: 405-951-6081

Taylor, Lauren
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 405-951-6091

Yellowfish, Ed
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 405-951-6032

Distribution Center

Fax: 405-951-6054

Billy Amos
Materials Handler
Phone: 405-951-6097

Cathy Thomas
Order Clerk II
Phone: 405-951-6096

Calhoun, Eric
Materials Handler
Phone: 405-951-6097

Motor Vehicle Operator
Phone: 405-951-6097

Harding, Leonard
Materials Handler
Phone: 405-951-6097

Hughes, Donald
Motor Vehicle Operator
Phone: 405-951-6097

Kickapoo, Roy
Warehouse Leader/Foreman
Phone: 405-951-6092

Topaum, Larry
Materials Handler
Phone: 405-951-6094

Dew, Robert
Truck driver Med/Forklift
Phone: 405-951-6097

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