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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

National Supply Service Center (NSSC)
Hello and welcome to the Indian Health Service – National Supply Service Center (NSSC) Website. On behalf of the entire NSSC staff, it is truly an honor to serve and represent the IHS and the Department of Health and Human Services. We are very proud to present this website to you and believe it will be the cornerstone for many great things to come. This website opens the door for communication for Federal, Tribal, or Urban Facilities with each other and the respective 12 IHS Area Offices, Headquarters, and officials that serve them. It gives us a true voice and means of communication with regard to procurement and distribution of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. It gives us the opportunity to address specific concerns and needs within the Indian healthcare community. It will allow us to focus on questions and solutions that will benefit those serving the needs of American Indian and Alaska Natives everywhere.


Recall: 3ml Coagulation Sodium Citrate 3.2%

Greiner Bio-One North America, INC has annouced the Recall of the product: 3ml Coagulation Sodium Citrate 3.2%, they belive the following Item/Lot:
  • Item # 454334
  • Lot Number: B041206
  • Product Discription: 3ml 9NC Coagulation tube
If you have any Questions contact Greiner Bio-One North America, INC at 1-800-726-0052 or Email to
This site also provides an outlet to Supplier and Manufacturer representatives who come to learn more about the IHS - our mission, goals, and foundation. They come to become familiar with our system, get educated on our products and services, identify facility locations, and identify opportunities to better serve our needs. We welcome them.

In this website you will find several resources and outlets. It is our hope to keep it up-to-date and the information it provides plentiful. The content of this website will grow as the needs of the Agency grow. We will rely greatly on the wishes and requests that we receive. It is our goal that everyone who visits this website will embrace it. Find out who we are, what we do, and how we make the Agency better. Give us your opinions, ask us questions, and inform us of new ways to serve the Agency and save money. Our staff is happy to be here and eager to serve your needs.

Rob Hayes, Director
CAPT, U.S. Public Health Service

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