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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Navajo Area

Medical Information

Thank you for your inquiry regarding medical positions in the Navajo Area. We hope you will become a part of the Navajo Area medical team. If you are interested in current medical vacancies please review our current list for available positions for each Service Unit in the Navajo Area.

Our part of the Indian Health Service runs hospitals and clinics for Native Americans who live on and near the Navajo Indian Reservation. The Navajo Reservation is the largest reservation in the United States. The territory we cover is larger than West Virginia, predominantly within Arizona and New Mexico. The people we serve are primarily Navajo, but a lot of Hopi, Zuni, Ute and other Tribal members are seen by our physicians every day. Inclusive health care is provided through in­ patient, out­ patient and community health programs centered around six hospitals, seven ambulatory health centers, and sixteen health stations.

The Navajo people offer a rich cultural heritage and our health professionals enjoy the intangible satisfaction of doing something meaningful, maintaining the highest quality of professional services with colleagues they truly respect, while having an adventure. As a Navajo Area clinician, you will have the opportunity to care for patients from a culturally intriguing population and you'll be part of a dedicated, motivated and highly competent health care team that serves a vital mission.

Our 278 physicians, board eligible or (mostly) board certified in most specialties, provide care to 210,000 Native American people. Our total staff exceeds 3,500. Our medical departments are quite diverse. We are proud of our excellent facilities and staff. Over ninety percent of our physicians were in the top 20 percent of their training programs.

Excellent backup is available at all locations. Consultation is available from colleagues at the work site, at other IHS medical centers, and from specialists located in nearby Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson and Denver. We are seeking only physicians who are U.S. Citizens, fully licensed, (You can be licensed in any state ­ not just Arizona or New Mexico) who have no canceled or restricted licenses anywhere. We want people who are board eligible or board certified. U.S. Citizenship is required for most specialties.

You will have a good time here! Recreational opportunities abound. We're close to skiing and mountains and lakes. There is plenty of room for hunters and fishermen. You can plant a garden, or begin a hike right off your front porch. You can get involved in exhilarating desert running, hot air ballooning, gliders or hang gliding, white water river rafting, or relax and absorb the incredible sunsets, or finally make it through all those books you've been hoping to read. Or write the great novel you've had gnawing inside you. "The Navajo" is a great place to start or raise a family or to have family, friends and relatives visit.

We offer the atmosphere and opportunities for an enjoyable and challenging medical practice, unlimited personal growth and exhilarating recreation. If you would like to be part of the Navajo experience, please call at your convenience between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., EST or simply send us a copy of your resume' and we will make sure it gets to all of our clinical directors for consideration or you can send it directly to a location you're interested in.

Our numbers are 800-221­JOIN (800-221­5646) and 928-871­5880. Our fax number is 928-871­5868 and our email is Thank you for including the Navajo Area among your career options.

If you remain interested after your telephone inquiries, perhaps we can travel you here for site visits and interviews at our expense. Before we can set up travel, we must have your C.V. or resume with your date of birth and social security number for reimbursement purposes. Please plan to bring copies of your credentials when you travel (license copy, DEA, CPR, training locations and dates, etc.).


Shannon J. Hopkins
NAIHS Medical Recruitment
Professional Standards and Recruitment

Preference in hiring is given to qualified American Indians in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 24, U.S. Code, Sections 472 and 473). Applicants claiming Indian preference must submit verification of Indian blood certified by his or her Tribe of affiliation or other legally acceptable documentation of American Indian heritage.

Click here to view and print the packet of all the required forms. [PDF-316KB]
(OF-306, OF-612, ChildCare Clearance, BIA-4432, SF-15, Geographic Preference).

Please view the available information on the comparison of benefits of the two personnel systems.

To request additional medical information, please view our online request form.

To view a list of contacts for each service unit, please view our phone list. [PDF-37KB]