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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Navajo Area

Kayenta Health Center

The Kayenta Service Unit population of 20,000 is spread across a remote and sparsely populated area. Kayenta is in a traditional part of the reservation. Services are provided to 200 patients each day in continuity or walk-in clinics and in a 24 hour/day, 7 day/week emergency room. The clinic has on site lab, x-ray and pharmacy services. Current medical staff is made up of Family Practice, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry specialties.

Kayenta Health Center

  • Emergency services are fully available at Kayenta Health Center. Inscription House Clinic provides urgent care services 40 hours per week, but is not open after regular hours or on weekends.
  • Consultant specialty care (surgery, obstetrics, orthopedics, cardiology, ENT, ophthalmology, etc) is provided on a regularly scheduled basis from visiting specialists.
  • Direct primary care (general medical care, pediatrics, internal medicine, mental health, women’s health, etc.) is routinely available at most sites. Kayenta and Inscription House clinics are open daily. Navajo Mountain and Dennehotso clinics are open 2 days per week.
  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention services including community education, comprehensive school health curriculum support, injury prevention, and fitness activities.
  • Special Diabetes programs include Hooghan Project (in-home intensive education for people newly diagnosed with Diabetes), support of Kayenta Township Park Project, additional funding for eye care and dental care for denture patients (IHHC).
  • Environmental and Engineering services include vector control, epidemiology, plan reviews, commercial and industrial safety and code inspections, home assessments, water supply and wastewater disposal systems, and environmental hazard assessments.

The address for the Kayenta Health Center is:
Kayenta Health Center
P.O. Box 368
Kayenta, AZ 86033
Phone: 928-697-4000
Fax: 928-697-4145