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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Office of Information Technology
RPMS Behavioral Health System  

Training Sessions

Class Registration
Register for on-site and live web-based training sessions on the RPMS Training Classes and Schedules website. Click on the name of a class to find out more information and register.

Pre-Recorded web-based sessions
Download or stream recorded WebEx sessions on the RPMS Pre-Recorded Training Sessions website. Click on Behavioral Health System to expand the section and then click on the name of the session.

Training Materials

BHS v4.0 Patch 4 GUI Data Entry Training Materials
These materials are specific to the RPMS Behavioral Health application, BHS v4.0 Patch 4. The materials include information and scenarios specific to both the roll and scroll and the GUI and include samples from BHS v4.0 Patch 4.

BHS v4.0 Patch 4 Manager Utilities and Reports Training Materials
These materials are specific to the Reports and Manager Utilities modules of BHS v4.0 Patch 4 including advanced reports, site parameters and the exporting of behavioral health data.

BHS v4.0 Pre-Implementation Materials
These materials are intended for sites that are going to be implementing the Behavioral Health System v4.0. Included in these materials are workflow analyses, technical pre-implementation information, sample documentation guides and more.