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Clinical Support Center (CSC) "Leading Indian Health Care Education"


Continuing Education Coordinator's Bulletin
The Continuing Education Coordinator's Bulletin is distributed periodically to Indian health program continuing education coordinators and planners. Its purpose is to provide them with practical, useful, and timely information to help them produce the highest quality continuing professional education. It includes interpretations of accreditation guidelines, forms and tools to use, and other advice and recommendations. These bulletins are presented in Adobe Acrobat Format [PDF] below:

Issue No. Date Topic
-- Aug 2008 Measuring Gaps in Knowledge, Competence, and Performance[PDF-486KB]
-- Feb 2007 Changes in Continuing Education Standards for Commercial Support[PDF-420KB]
14. Jun 2004 Faculty Disclosure, Revisited [PDF-21KB]
13. Mar 2001 Faculty Disclosure Revisited [PDF-19KB]
12. May 1997 ACLS Courses Revisited [PDF-19KB]
11. Jul 1996 A New Manual [PDF-18KB]
10. Nov 1995 Train-the-Trainer Courses [PDF-18KB]
9. Apr 1995 Sponsorship of ACLS Courses [PDF-18KB]
8. Dec 1994 If You Build It, They Will Come [PDF-19KB]
7. Sep 1994 Letters to Speakers [PDF-31KB]
6. Jul 1994 Where can I get speakers for my meeting? [PDF-18KB]
5. Nov 1993 Commercial Support and Disclosure of Financial or Proprietary Interest [PDF-18KB]
4. Jul 1993 Early Involvement of the CSC Staff [PDF-18KB]
3. Jan 1993 Announcements and Brochures [PDF-23KB]
2. Oct 1992 Reporting Attendance [PDF-34KB]
1. Sep 1992 Commercial Support of CE [PDF-18KB]
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