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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Clinical Support Center (CSC) "Leading Indian Health Care Education"

Office of Continuing Education

Network for Continuing Medical Education (NCME) CDs
CDs produced by the Network for Continuing Medical Education (NCME) are only available for loan to Indian health care professionals working within the Indian Health Service, Tribal or Urban (I/T/U) programs.

851 Medical Ethics and End-of-Life Decisions Medical Ethics 7-7-05 60
852 Assisting Patients Who Need Lifestyle Changes Assisting Patients 8-8-05 60
853 Avian Influenza Influenza   60
854 Elder Abuse: Detection, Management, and Prevention Elder Abuse 10-7-2005 60
856 Management of HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS 12-7-2005 60
857 New Paradigms in the Treatment of Myocardial Infarction Myocardial Infarction 1-6-2006 60
858 Fibromyalgia: Putting your Finger on the Diagnosis Frbromyalgia 2-7-2006 60
859 Peripheral Arterial Disease: Applying the New Guidelines in Clinical Practice Arterial Disease 3-31-2006 60
860 Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Relationship to Adult Health and Well-Being Adult Health & Well Being 7-31-2006 60
861 Tips for Preventing Malpractice Claims Preventing Malpractice 11-21-2006 60
862 HCV and HIV Coinfection HCV & HIV Coinfection 2-28-2007 60
863 In-Hospital Stroke: An Evidence-Based Approach to Recognition and Management In-Hospital Stroke 8-23-2007 60
864 Applying the ACC/AHA 2007 Guidelines for UA/NSTEMI in Clinical Practice ACC/AHA 2007 Guidelines 9-30-2007 60
865 Update 2007-2008: Preventing and Controlling Influenza in the United States Preventing & Controlling 10-29-2007 60
866 Domestic Violence: Still a “New” Agenda in Healthcare Influenza 11-29-2007 60
867 Medical Ethics: Informed Consent to Medical Treatment Domestic Violence 1-29-2008 60
868 Improving Acute Pain Management in Children: Essential Tools, Techniques, and Treatments Medical Ethics Acute Pain Management 2-26-2008 60
869 Measuring and Improving the Quality and Safety of Medical Care: Beyond the Joint Commission Improving the Quality and Safety of Medical Care 3-25-2008 60

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