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IHS Division of Oral Health Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 2
Public Health Dentistry — Creating Access for the Underserved
An interview with RADM Christopher G. Halliday, Chief Dental Officer, USPHS
RADM Christopher G. Halliday, DDS, MPH, Chief Dental Officer for USPHS and Director of the Indian Health Service (IHS) Division of Oral HealthPublic health dentistry differs greatly from the individual patient-centric approach of private practice. Rather than focusing on individuals, public health dentistry views an entire community as a patient, and seeks to prevent and control dental diseases on a community basis through organized community efforts.

Formally recognized as a dental specialty by the American Dental Association in 1950, public health dentistry has made great strides in the decades that followed. Leading the way are the Commissioned Corps Dental Officers of the US Public Health Service (USPHS), who serve the public and underserved communities in a variety of federal agencies and programs.

In an exclusive interview with the staff of Impressions, RADM Christopher G. Halliday, DDS, MPH, Chief Dental Officer for USPHS and Director of the Indian Health Service (IHS) Division of Oral Health, discusses the challenges facing public health dentistry today and in the future. He covers topics such as access to care for underserved populations, the task of raising awareness of healthcare need in these communities, and the government’s commitment to keeping pace with current technologies in dental care delivery.

“There continues to be significant segments of underserved populations that lack regular access to dental care, and the need is increasing in these communities,” says RADM Halliday. “This is especially true of American Indian and Alaska Native populations, who have a rate of dental disease about two and a half times the national average. These communities are served by IHS, the largest employer of Commission Corps and civil service dentists among USPHS operational divisions.”

Of particular concern is the rapidly-growing pediatric and adolescent segments of the population, which experience tooth decay earlier and to a greater extent than other children in the general US population.

“While much progress has been made, we’re working toward further addressing their oral health needs without ignoring the rest of the population in underserved communities,” says RADM Halliday. “I’d like to see more emphasis on community-based and clinical-based prevention programs in this regard. Dental hygienists and dental assistants are important in this area for IHS, as they provide clinical and community-based prevention programs for all age groups.” Read the full article »


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IHS Snap Facts

138 Applications for 2006 IHS externship

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10/01/06 Applications accepted for 2007 IHS externships

2/28/07 Application deadline for 2007 IHS externship

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Externship with IHS — What You Need To Know
Are you a dental student interested in a summer externship with IHS? Get more information and ask questions during this live, 60 minute webcast discussion.

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Seats are limited – To register, email your name, school and year (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4) to: DentalJobs@ihs.gov

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IHS Launches New Ad Campaign

In a series of new and striking print ads, IHS reveals some of the compelling reasons dentists and dental hygienists choose a career with IHS over private practice. Discover “Our idea of” why IHS should be part of your career plan. Look for our ad in ASDA News and ASDA Mouth or download a PDF here.

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