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Dentist and Dental Hygienist Careers

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Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 6, Issue 2 
Dentists Discover the IHS Advantage
Lydia Winters, DDS, Justin Sikes, DDS and Courtney Sikes, DDS discuss how IHS meets their professional and personal goals.
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Dental school students have plenty of career opportunities to consider as graduation approaches, and their decisions emerge from a swirl of questions about their futures: What kind of patients do I want to treat? What path will give me the best career advancement opportunities? What lifestyle is right for me and my family? Will my career choice fulfill me professionally and personally?

As students consider their options, many take a closer look at a career with the Indian Health Service (IHS) and find the IHS is a good fit for their professional and personal goals. The staff of Impressions interviewed three newly hired IHS dentists to find out why they chose to begin their dental careers with the IHS and how they are benefiting from the experience.
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IHS Dentistry - A Career of Service

IHS Connects With You
IHS Dental Web Forum
How to Apply for an IHS Externship, Job or Loan Repayment Award
A Live and Interactive IHS Dental WebForum

Are you a student looking for a summer externship? Are you preparing to start your dental career? Would a loan repayment program help you? If so, join Lydia Winters, DDS, a former IHS extern, recently hired IHS dentist, and recipient of an IHS Loan Repayment Program award, as she discusses how she successfully applied for and benefited from the advantages of an IHS career. Join this live, 60-minute webcast discussion.

September 30, 2008   Noon – 1:00 P.M. (EDT)
October 1, 2008   Noon – 1:00 P.M. (PDT)

To register, email your name, school year (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, RDH or Dentist) and the date of the WebForum you wish to participate in to: DentalWebForum@ihs.gov.

New Online Services at the IHS Division of Oral Health Web Site

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Are you interested in applying for an externship? Online externship applications will be available at the IHS Division of Oral Health Web site beginning October 31, 2008.

If you are starting to plan your dental career, check out our new online vacancy listing to get up-to-date employment information. Go to www.dentist.ihs.gov and click on the link for “Current Vacancies.”

Dental Recruitment ListServ

Keep in touch with IHS dental happenings on the new Dental Recruitment ListServ.

To join the Dental Recruitment ListServ, go to www.dentist.ihs.gov and follow the instructions on the home page.

IHS Snap Facts

158 applications
for 2008 IHS externships

91 externs placed for 2008

31 of 56 US dental schools represented in IHS Externship Program

$4M funding for 2008 IHS LRP

159 IHS dentists receiving LRP in 2008

24 registered dental hygienists receiving LRP in 2008

October 31, 2008 Application period begins for 2009 IHS externships

When to apply for a job with IHS? Now!

2008 PHS Dental Hygienist of the Year

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The US Public Health Service’s (USPHS’) Dental Hygiene Professional Advisory Group has selected Commander Beth Finnson, RDH, MPH, as the recipient of the 2008 Candace M. Jones Dental Hygienist of the Year Award for her career accomplishments, her contributions to the USPHS, and her impact on the advancement of dental public health. CDR Finnson is Senior Supervisory Program Management Officer at the Indian Health Service Western Oregon Service Unit in Salem, OR.

CDR Finnson’s accomplishments include, but are not limited to, supervising and mentoring dental hygiene students, and designing and implementing community prevention and education programs for Head Start, the Chemawa Indian School, and the diabetic program. As Quality Assurance Coordinator, she is responsible for the quality improvement and risk management programs for the service unit.

She enjoys working with the community the most. “I love working with children,” says CDR Finnson. “It is rewarding work, and I enjoy treating and working with children to prevent future dental disease.”

To get more insight into a dental hygiene career with the IHS, you may contact the following dental hygienists:

Commander Beth Finnson   Lieutenant Dorinda Ball  
Commander Lori Goodman   Lieutenant Amy Dayhoff  

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Recruiting Corner — At Your Place

9/10/08 University of Texas – San Antonio Community Dentistry Lecture
and Lunch & Learn
9/11/08 UMKC Dental School, Kansas City, MO, Lunch & Learn
10/2/08 University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Lunch & Lear
10/3/08 University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Alumni Day Exhibitors Booth
10/16–10/18/08 American Dental Association Annual Meeting, Henry B. Gonzales
Convention Center, Space No. T3260, San Antonio, Texas
11/13–11/15/08 Hispanic Dental Association, Carefree Resort, Carefree, AZ

More information on IHS Recruiting Events

Interested in a Lunch and Learn at your school? Contact a Dental Recruiter or call 1-800-447-3368.

IHS Division of Oral Health Online

Dental Recruiter
Toll Free: 1-800-IHS-DENT (447-3368)

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