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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Environmental Steering Committee


Environmental Steering Committee - The committee is tasked with managing the environmental remediation funding and actions at health care facilities. The committee consists of Area and Headquarters facilities and Env. Health personnel. Committee responsibilities include determining project priorities and monitoring corrective actions.


Member Location Phone Number Program (2) HQ (4) Area/
(4) Facil (3) Env.
Term Began Term (yrs) Term Exp.
Steve Aoyama HQ - DSFC 301-443-1046 Env. Health X     X May-10 5 Jan-15
Kevin D'Amanda HQ - DFO 301-443-4562 Facilities X   X   Aug-10 5 Aug-15
Tim Duffy Bemidji 218-444-0501 Env. Health   X   X Jan-12 5 Dec-16
Marc Fleetwood Tucson 520-295-2409 Facilities   X X   Jan-12 5 Dec-16
Paul Geisert ES-S 206-615-3795 ex-oficio technical expert        
Burke Helmer Billings 406-247-7088 Facilities   X X   Jul-11 5 Jul-16
Mike Jensen Phoenix 602-364-5083 Facilities   X X   July-14 5 May-19
Kelly Leseman Alaska 907-729-3540 Facilities   X X   Jan-12 5 Dec-16
Dave McMahon HQ - DEHS 301-443-4076 Env. Health X     X Oct-13 5 Sept-18
Danny Walters Oklahoma 405-951-6001 Env. Health   X   X Jan-13 5 Dec-17
Rick Wermers HQE-DFO 301-443-8627 Recording Secretary        

Meeting Minutes