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Facilities Engineering Operations Manual

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Please Note:

The chapters of the Facilities Engineering Operations Manual included here is for information purposes only.   Not all the information included in the chapters is current and/or may not be applicable to your particular facility.   However, they are a very good resource for Facility Managers who are establishing or developing operation and management programs.   The manual is also an excellent resource to use as a self-check of various portions of your existing programs.

The manual was prepared circa 1997 by Jesus Sintes.

PDF File Part 00 - Operations Manual - TOC (261 KB)

PDF File Part 01 - Administration (745 KB)

PDF File Part 02 - Technical Elements (401 KB)

PDF File Part 04 - Preventive Maintenance (255 KB)

PDF File Part 05 - Work Management (235 KB)

PDF File Part 06 - Accreditation (565 KB)

PDF File Part 07 - Program Review (920 KB)

PDF File Part 08 - Utilities Management (448 KB)

PDF File Part 09 - Occupational Health (74 KB)

PDF File Part 10 - Environmental Management (263 KB)

PDF File Part 11 - Equipment Management (335 KB)

PDF File Part 12 - Service Contracts (265 KB)

PDF File 73FEDS_Sintes (63 KB)

PDF File ACRED01_Sintes (106 KB)

PDF File ACRED02_Sintes (18 KB)

PDF File ACRED03_Sintes (16 KB)

PDF File ACRED04_Sintes (37 KB)

PDF File ADMIN01_Sintes (574 KB)

PDF File ADMIN02_Sintes (276 KB)

PDF File ADMIN03_Sintes (35 KB)

PDF File ADMIN04_Sintes (67 KB)

PDF File ADMIN05_Sintes (49 KB)