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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Healthcare Facilities Data System (HFDS)

Screenshot of Health Facilities Data System

History of HFDS Database

In the mid 1990's the Indian Health Service, like most organizations, created and maintained large paper based reporting and data management systems.  Today's information management systems make instantaneous access to one central database possible from any geographical location and from within any level of an organization.  In the mid 1990's a request for a change to the Real Property Inventory or the Facilities Engineering Deficiency database may have taken six months to formally complete.

Today, that same action may take only minutes to accomplish.  Access to current information, the ability to edit existing data, and the ability to utilize this real-time data to improve the programs and increase the overall level of services is why the Facilities Database is necessary.

The HFDS was developed to:

  • Track Federal and tribal real property assets within the IHS
  • Assist in developing M&I and Equipment funds allocations
  • Manage Supportable Space
  • Manage deficiencies within FEDS
  • Manage Projects
  • Self Governance Table 4F, Tribal shares
  • Track Energy Usage
  • Report to Congress and other outside Agencies
  • Justify level of funds or requests for increases

Over 140 personnel consisting of facility managers, area realty officers, Area facilities staff and HQ facilities staff use HFDS.

The Web HFDS is an internal application that requires a login. If you are a current user, you can access the system by clicking here: