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Release Date: March 10, 2011

Subject: CCR Performance Issues Resolved but Backlog Remains


We are pleased to inform you the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system performance issues have been resolved. The system is back up to speed. However, there remains a potential delay in processing both new CCR registrations and updates to existing CCR registrations.

Investigating the performance issues revealed a backlog in the manual processing of Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) codes. Mid-January, the CAGE team implemented stricter edit checks for processing CCR registrations and renewals. Primarily as a result of these edit checks, the number of CCR records requiring manual intervention for CAGE assignment/confirmation doubled exceeding capacity to analyze and respond. The result was a backlog of CCR registrations requiring CAGE code determinations and a potential CCR registration/renewal processing time of over three weeks.

While the CAGE code backlog does not affect every CCR registrant, GSA and the CCR team have worked together to develop an action plan to mitigate the current impact and support the CAGE team to resolve the backlog. We have:

  • Extended by 60 days the expiration date of the approximately 44,000 CCR registrants whose records are going to expire between now and April 15, 2011
  • Extended by 60 days the expiration date of several thousand pending renewals caught in the CAGE code backlog
  • Sent e-mails to these two groups of registrants informing them of their extension
  • Prioritizing new registrations in the backlog before renewals (which have been extended 60 days)
  • Authorized overtime for personnel on the CAGE team and the CCR team for the next few weeks until the backlog is gone
  • Requested the CAGE team implement less stringent edits on registration changes

GSA and the CCR team will continue to work to resolve the backlog and return the CCR registration process to its more predictable 3 - 5 day processing window. The CCR Emergency Notification message on the CCR website has been changed. The site address is: ( ). Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving


The IHS, Division of Grants Management Operations and Policy. or call our IHS Grants Systems Coordinator on (301) 443-2114.
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