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Health Promotion/Disease Prevention (HPDP)

Success Stories - Archived

Click to Play Video: Just Move It Lori's Story
Duration: 1:40
Lori's Story
A story of an individual's journey. She decided to transform her life after attending a Physical Activity Kit (PAK) training focusing on daily physical activity. Her journey from weight loss to Iron man's and overcoming road blocks by being surrounded by family and friends who believed in her had given her the strength to continue her path for wellness.

Click to Play Video: Just Move It Just Move It
Duration: 6:34
Just Move It video for the National IHS HPDP website

Click to Play Video: A Garden Blooms A Garden Blooms
Duration: 000
A Garden Blooms

Click to Play Video: Fran Miller Fran Miller
Duration: 000
Fran Miller

Click to Play Video: Kaitlin Taylor Smith Kaitlin Taylor Smith
Duration: 000
Kaitlin Taylor Smith

Click to Play Video: Stayinig Active with PAK Stayinig Active with PAK
Duration: 000
Staying Active with PAK

Click to Play Video: Three Generations Three Generations
Duration: 1:27
Three Generations
A mother encourages breastfeeding. Being a working mom caused challenges for breastfeeding with her three oldest children and her niece; but she was fortunate to breastfeed her three youngest children. She encourages her daughter to breastfeed her son to give him the nutrients he needs.

Click to Play Video: My Children My Children
Duration: 1:28
My Children
A mother of 3 chooses to breastfeed her children because she wants to experience the close connection of baby and mommy time. The positives she experiences during breastfeeding are not worrying about formula, sterilizing bottles, or bottled water. She gets added encouragement from her husband, co-workers, and supervisor to allow her to breastfeed her babies for a longer period of time.

Click to Play Video: We're all in this Together We're all in this Together
Duration: 2:02
We're all in this Together
A mother encourages breastfeeding for its healthy and natural aspects. The mother acknowledges breastfeeding may be challenging at times. She appreciates and values the support she gets from her older children, her husband and her supervisor which makes it well worth it.

Click to Play Video: Being a Mom at 16 Being a Mom at 16
Duration: 1:22
Being a Mom at 16
Making the right choices for a baby when you are a mom at 16 is not easy. One of those decisions is making the right choice to breastfed or bottle fed your new baby. The young mother talks about the positive benefits of breastfeeding her baby.

Click to Play Video: The Day I Found Out I was Pregnant The Day I Found Out I was Pregnant
Duration: 1:30
The Day I Found Out I was Pregnant
This mother heard both positive and negative things about breastfeeding. She heard her sisters share personal stories about the pain and frustration breastfeeding caused for them. She decided to choose to breastfeed her daughter because she took the initiative to read and learn about the benefits of breastfeeding.
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