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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Navajo Area

Dental Information


Enjoy the stimulation of sharing your dental skills with the Navajo People while living among the beautiful red-rock cliffs and marvelous deep canyons of the Southwest. The Navajo Area Indian Health Service (IHS) offers dentists and hygienists extraordinary opportunities for providing care in culturally rich communities including:

Dynamic Practice Setting
State-of-the-Art Equipment
Modern Clinics
Emphasis on Infection Control
Professional Interaction with Senior Clinicians, Dental Specialists and Physicians

Invigorating Recreational Activities
Skiing at World Class Resorts in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona
Mountain Biking
Hunting and Fishing
Experiencing Another Culture

Why not enjoy the satisfaction of doing something meaningful while having the adventure of a live time!

For additional information on employment opportunities please contact the Navajo Area IHS Dental Recruiter, in Window Rock, Arizona at (928) 871-5868 or via e-mail at

Dentists and hygienists seeking employment with the Navajo Indian Health Service can apply for vacancies as a Commissioned Officer of the US Public Health Service or as a Federal Civil Servant. Please view the available information on the comparison of benefits of the two personnel systems.

U.S. Public Health Service

To apply as a Commissioned Officer, you can obtain the minimum appointment criteria and request an application from the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving . The completed application must be sent to U.S. Public Health Service in Rockville, Maryland to be processed. However to expedite the employment process please mail a copy of the completed four page form, PHS-50 [PDF] Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving , which is part of the "Application for Appointment as a Commissioned Officer in the US Public Health Service" contained in the application packet, to:

Shannon J Hopkins
Dental Recruiter
Navajo Area Indian Health Service
Box 9020
Window Rock, Arizona 86515-9020
Fax: (928) 871-5884

Federal Civil Service

To apply for a dental officer position as a Federal Civil Servant, you can view the Dental Officer Vacancy Announcement (NAO-99-DH-J) if you have never worked for the federal government as well as the view Dental Officer (NAO-99-MPP/ESEP-J) if you are a qualified Indian Preference applicant or if you are a past or current federal dental employee. The eligibility requirements are listed on the vacancy announcement. There maybe special instructions for hygienists seeking employment as a civil servant.

The following documents are required to process your application:

  • OF-306, Declaration for Federal Employment
  • OF-612, Optional Application for Federal Employment (Alternatively a resume can be submitted but it must follow the format listed on the vacancy announcement)
  • Addendum to Declaration for Federal Employment (Child Care Clearance Form)
  • BIA Form 4432, if claiming Indian Preference
  • DD-214 Form, if claiming Veterans Preference
  • SF-15 and letter from the Veterans Administration dated within the last 12 months if claiming 10 point veterans preference
  • Copy of current dental or hygiene license
  • Supplemental Questionnaire (Dental Officer), GS-680-11/12
  • College and Dental or Hygiene School Transcripts
  • Geographic Preference Form
View and print the packet of all the required forms listed above. [PDF-545KB]
(OF-306, OF-612 Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving , Child Care Clearance, BIA-4432, SF-15, Supplemental Questionnaire, Geographic Preference).

Please submit the completed application to:

Navajo Area Indian Health Service
Division of Personnel Management
Post Office Box 9020
Window Rock, Arizona 86515-9020

Visit the IHS Dental web site

For further information on the application process please contact Shannon J Hopkins at (928) 871-5868 or via e-mail at