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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

National Director's Awards

IHS Director's Award

Purpose: This award recognizes service significantly advancing the IHS mission and goals through enhancements supporting IHS priorities; these include renewing and strengthening Tribal partnerships; bringing reform to the IHS; improving quality and access to care for IHS patients; and ensuring transparency; accountability; fairness and inclusion.

All IHS employees or teams of employees, including Tribal employees and contractors. Teams may consist of employees from the same organization or from a number of different organizations.

  • Exceptional initiative and leadership in carrying out projects to improve program operations
  • Unusual acts of competence, compassion, or heroism
  • Outstanding contributions to a committee or task force addressing IHS-wide policies, procedures, or operations
  • Outstanding efforts in applying technical or clerical support skills to accomplish the IHS mission
  • Skill and leadership in administration, knowledge dissemination, technology transfer, or skill building
  • Displays of management ability, proficiency, and customer service performed in such a manner that the employee and/or team performed significantly above those with similar duties, and that the results of these efforts were distinctly beneficial to the Agency.
  • In all cases, performance should clearly exceed expectations