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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Office of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes

Tribal Resolution Information

A resolution of the Indian Tribe served by the project must accompany the application submission. Applications that propose projects affecting more than one Indian Tribe must include resolutions from all affected Tribes to be served. Applications by Tribal organizations will not require a specific Tribal resolution if the current Tribal resolution(s) under which they operate would encompass the proposed grant activities. A copy of that resolutions must be provided for review.

Draft resolutions are acceptable in lieu of an official resolution. However, an official signed resolution must be received by the Division of Grants Operations prior to beginning the Objective Review (July 08-12, 2013). If an official signed resolution is not received by July 07, 2013, the application will be considered incomplete, ineligible for review, and returned to the applicant without consideration.

Applicants submitting the final resolution after the initial application submission are required to ensure the information was received by the IHS by obtaining documentation confirming delivery (i.e. FedEx tracking, postal return receipt, etc.).

Letter of Authorization per Tribal governance requirements in lieu of a Tribal Resolution will be accepted. Evidence that the Tribe has converted to this means must be provided.

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